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Love Journey in Sumba Island
oleh Gusde Photography

Diperbarui pada 21 November 2017, Waingapu

The landscape, the sea, the beach, the peaceful and tranquil environment, Sumba has reminded me of Bali back in the 80s. As if it brings me back to my youth, where I, the lost soul was once searching for adventures and nature beauty, running free and wild exploring the ‘raw’ Bali with my camera. The air that I breathed, the sight what laid in front of me when I first stepped to Sumba had flashed all these memories in a glance and somehow, abruptly I had big smile on my face and this fire deep within that evoked my spirit and energy to say ‘Sumba,I am ready to capture you!” I was delighted when Kingson and Heidi contacted me for their prewedding. I was deliberately offering Sumba to this beautiful couple who likewise love journey and adventure. I thought, though I have never ever and will never ever bored with Bali as there are still lots to explore nonetheless I needed something different, some kind of feeling when you first fall in love, that magic spark. And so we did go to Sumba, exploring and adventuring. And it was indeed magical. Capturing this lovebird was very exciting and somewhat adventurous, from the serene beach glazed with golden sand and blue water, to the uninterrupted view of fresh green savannah. Along the way we saw horses, goats and wild boar live freely in the nature, as far as your eyes can see. Not to forget, Sumba also has stunning white sandy beach; smell of the fresh ocean and the breeze flowing harmoniously with the waves made such a great-relaxed feeling. It is absolutely magical spot for sunset too. Sumba Island is one of three big islands of East Nusa Tenggara. The popularity of this place as tourist destination may not be the same as Bali, nonetheless it’s definitely worth a visit. Sumba has charmed me in a lot of different ways. I promise myself I will be back. Start the beginning of your love journey in Sumba, beautiful memories captured in magical land is priceless. Worth every corner of your home as you hang them in frames.

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