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Faithfully Yours
oleh Global Weddings

Diperbarui pada 10 September 2019, Bali

People often say, have faith and the rest will follow. We throw the word “ faith” around casually, but when you really think about it, faith is a strange thing, almost like a bizarre concept- especially in the matter of love. Faith in love is the ability to completely trust and have confidence in someone. They say trust is earned, but faith is beyond it. It is something that you carry deep in your guts; it is the essence that will sustain you despite all the seemingly impossible facts around you. Sometimes there is no reasoning behind your faith on someone. You simply just know that they’re it. Just like you know tomorrow is promised as you turn in to sleep and the sun will rise in the East. It’s the kind of fact that lives within you, as natural as your beating heart. Unlike loyalty, faith expects nothing in return. There is no consideration, no question and without a shadow of a doubt. Having faith in someone you love can either be the most difficult thing to do, or the most liberating feeling ever. But one thing for sure, having no faith will render you untethered, floating in a sea of uncertainties with no clear direction in near sight. Faith is the absence of proof, yet you continue to believe. Having faith in someone comes with no guarantee nor certainty, but maybe therein lies the beauty of it. Faith speaks the language of the heart and is the ingredient for a beautiful relationship. It shelters two people when things get rough and blesses them with growth during the best of times. So when you love someone, give them and yourself the gift of faith. It’s truly wonderful to have faith. It’s essentially trust and loyalty combined, maybe even a whole lot more.

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