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Aditya & Darianne
oleh Furēmu

Diperbarui pada 02 September 2020, Jakarta

Aditya & Darianne wanted modern minimalist invitation with two dominant colors as seen on the photos, particular shade of brown and green. And because they were really concerned about the final colors and the finishing, we needed to test the print out several times until we got the vivid colors that they desired and find the right minimalist frame for them. This was a challenging project because we needed to go beyond for the smallest details, but we're so happy we had them as our precious clients because we learned a lot and our team tried new things together to meet their needs. Glad to be a part of this minimalist wedding ❤️ -- This is our best seller package and most favorite of all time. Say hello to Useful Invitation™! Brown Vegan Leather "MEMENTO" exclusive package for Aditya & Darianne : - Vegan leather pouch for envelope - Custom design invitation cards - Custom design paper bands & monogram - Solid minimalist frame - Map - Souvenir card - Monogram engraving

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