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Ary & Dirgo
oleh FOYYA

Diperbarui pada 16 Oktober 2019, Jakarta

As you know, here in FOYYA we interpret the visual of your stationery in different ways. It depends on your love story, personality, and style. Even the color of your final material can have tremendous impact on the whole appearance ✨ First we met @laulianary , we listened a lot of her love journey until she and partner @dirgohonnesa decided the D day would gonna be happened. Beautiful bloomy eyes reached us out that noon, she also told us about decoration theme and dresses, all were very flowery! After engaged, updated news and stories about their struggled thruout the day against ups and downs including health conditions. But, yesss Ary & Dirgo finalized it pretty well. All stationeries, including VIP cards, uniform packaging, and e-invites were ended up with touch of lavender hues of roses and chrysanthemum, printed over the ivory paper. Congratulations for you two, thank you for your trust ❤️

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Invitations : FOYYA
  • Venue : Hotel Bidakara Grand Pancoran Jakarta
  • Decoration & Lighting : GRIYO PALASTRI
  • Dress & Attire : Rika Wirtjes

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