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Pink Shades on a Watercolor Base
oleh Flora Botanica Designs

Diperbarui pada 06 Juli 2017

At Flora Botanica Designs, we’re a huge fan of neutrals ,and in fact on the first session of wedding consult, we ask the bride and groom to pick a neutral to start with. As much as we love different colours, picking up a great neutral is the basic; similar to the idea of choosing the right colour of your bowl to make your salad (or any kinds of meal) appetizing. Sylvia & Joe picked Grey for the neutral and added in sweet pink pastels to the combination, topping it off with a bit of gold to add to the romance. The result is a colour scheme that awes your guests and look sophisticated and upscale. Browse more of their decoration & floral photos over here. Wedding Organizer : Twogather Wedding Organizer Venue: Sofitel, Nusa Dua- Bali.

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