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Khayangan Estate - Citrus Inspired Reception
oleh Flora Botanica Designs

Diperbarui pada 12 Juni 2018

Lives sometimes give us lemons, and we are expected to make lemonades, lemon cakes, lemon ginger tea. But when Patricia and Stefan gave us oranges, I felt like I have to drift my mind a bit further to find wonders. So oranges and the stories further lead me to developing a moodboard for Patricia and Stefan which resembled one of a fruit farm that I had visited in Malang, East Java, where vines and trees curled up together to create a statement canopy and people are free to pick up fruits and consume it right away (in a sensible sense, of course !) . Citrus Club , it is ! Photograph : Axioo (Donny Wu) Wedding Organizer : Yulia EO Venue : Khayangan Estate

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