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Industrial Rustic Wedding at The Ungasan Clifftop
oleh Flora Botanica Designs

Diperbarui pada 20 Desember 2016

It's been a while since we have stepped back to this place. Ungasan Clifftop has made it to my 5 top list of venue I like, simply because it has a restaurant that's very close by (you guess it! I like to miss my lunch in the midst of busy set up, but having a restaurant around the corner completely makes my tummy grateful). Cherry and Teddy met me some time in the middle of the year and what strike me the most from these duo is their love of arts and their friendly gestures. Discussing with them about their dream-wedding is like talking to a friend. I like the colours that they chose. Grey, White, and Wood, and when we explore with the concept of industrials , minimalist and rustic, this is what we got, in our version. Check these out :)

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