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Glamourous Pink Ombre Wedding at Ayana
oleh Flora Botanica Designs

Diperbarui pada 18 Februari 2017, Bali

It was one of the first weddings in 2017 and surely we got excited (and nervous) ! To add to the worry, it was weeks of rain and thankfully the couple chose to not risk it and had it under a marquee. To add to the sophisticated theme, Eveline and William got married on a Sky deck of the famous Ayana Resort and the rest was just as elegant as the couple. Graceful flowers, gold accents, tables topped with mirror and not mentioning the ornate backdrop which was perfect for a big group photo. We love the florals we created for this event's space, the colour combination especially ! From the drapery to the pedestal flowers were the ombre of pink and fuchsia, accented with gold. Scroll more to see what we did !

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