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Gorgeous Christian Wedding at Paris France Temple
oleh Février Photography | Paris Photographer

Diperbarui pada 01 September 2020, PARIS

In the City of Love and Romance, there are several ways in which you can get married. You may opt for a civil wedding, or you can also go for a traditional Christian wedding at Paris France Temple, a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The latter was the choice of Melvin and Tense. Melvin and Tense’s Christian Wedding Melvin, from German, and Tense, from Thailand, met when they did a mission for the church. Since the couple is quite religious, they opted for a private Christian wedding in Paris. After the ceremony, we did a photoshoot in the garden of the temple. And although it was a gloomy day, it served as a fantastic backdrop for Melvin and Tense’s photo session. You can see how happy and excited they were as they mark the beginning of a new life that they will be sharing together. When we were done with the session at the temple, we headed to Paris for another round of photoshoot. Here, the Eiffel Tower made a terrific background as the good-looking couple posed and just enjoyed the photoshoot. As a Paris Wedding Photographer, I gazed in awe as I witnessed the wedding of this couple. Melvin and Tense’s union is another proof that no matter what your race is, and how much distance separates a man and a woman, love conquers all. And again, Paris seems to be the best place for people who wish to get married.

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