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The Wedding of Saka & Syntia
oleh Esmeralda Weddings & Decoration

Diperbarui pada 11 April 2022, Bali

Saka & Syntia are good friends from one of our team. When we heard they were getting married, we were very excited. Because we have known Saka & Syntia for a long time since they were in seniors high school. Saka & Syntia have had a talent for playing music and singing for a long time, and while planning their wedding we wanted to make it happen to see them in perform together. Not only that, they wanted to collaborates their wedding with Balinese Style and Modern weddings style in one day. It more can finally be packaged very beautifully and it creates a unique and memorable wedding for Saka & Syntia and also for the whole family and guests. We are very glad and grateful to be a part of Saka & Syntia's weddings.

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