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The Ballroom XXI | Vania & Erlangga
oleh diskodiwedding

Diperbarui pada 09 September 2020, Jakarta

We were left in awe while we served Music for The First Time ever in this Massive Venue with a State-of-The-Art Technologies in Sound, Accoustic and Lighting, for the Wedding Reception and After-Party of Vania & Erlangga @xxiballroom boasts the latest Sound System technology, similiar to the one used in Grammy Award & Oscar Ceremonies, that is guaranteed to emphasize the accoustic in live performances. The whole Ballroom area was decorated sophisticatedly by @azkaanggunart The Bride & Groom entered the Ballroom with a Serene Cucuk Lampah Procession from @chandra_budaya_organizer . Diskodiwedding was more than honored to be part of this Festivities, which was beautifully Organized by @promessaweddings The Reception was Led by @imam_wibowo , Diskodiwedding opened the night with some Dreamy Romantic Vibes selections, continued with more Upbeat Soulful numbers by @thesoulfulband , and then up a little 'beat' more with us for the After-Party session until midnight

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