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Simon & Jin
oleh Desmond Tang Photography

Diperbarui pada 02 November 2017, Singapore

Simon & Jin shares similar vision with me on how they would like to be photograph for their engagement. I had a great time working with them; from understanding who they are and how they met, brainstorming of ideas and down to the preparations. The whole process was really delightful and I was thrilled for the shoot! We decided to split the shoot into three days, mainly due to the natural light that I need and the limited amount of time I have with it. I tried to include as many elements I could gather from them and chosen a few locations that they could relate to. One being on the rooftop of Simon’s apartment at East Coast Singapore, overlooking Jin’s old apartment. Fun fact; they actually met overseas and soon realized they’re only living one street across each other hah! Like any other shoots; not everything will go as planned. We actually got really lucky with the weather and manage to catch a few good windows in-between rains. Although the grey sky wasn’t my favorite option, I embraced the clouds and wind that I was given. On the last evening, our generator failed to operate the lights on the rooftop, it was a nightmare. Luckily, we have enough extension cords lying around to stretch to a power socket that we found. Lights checked, food checked, beautiful looking couple checked; It’s time to wine, dine and dance.

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