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Charlotte and Glens Wedding
oleh Designer Wedding Planner

Diperbarui pada 21 Juni 2020, London

We literally had to plan and execute this wedding in 10 days as the bride was let down from her original venue. Charlotte was excited that we could make the changes and execute her wedding to plan. There was a lot to be planned from finding an available venue with the right about of ambience and space to organising the wedding breakfast and the suppliers and vendors to make this wedding really great. We had to carry out a detailed venue search and cut down the possibles and those with availability to the ones I felt Charlotte would love. Charlotte was organised, but had lost all hope of this being her dream wedding - so I had to reassure her that all was not lost and that we as her wedding planning team would be able to save the day and ensure the wedding was a success. We found that the venue in central London was available ad could hold the 160 guests which were Charlotte and Glen's close family and associates. We got a super wedding decor company and production company and the rest, as they say, is super as the wedding went off without anyu hitches and

vendor yang terlibat di project:

  • Venue : 1 marylebone
  • Decoration & Lighting : VnV live
  • Wedding Planning : Designer Wedding Planner , Designer Wedding Planner
  • Boutonnieres & Corsages : Designer Chair Covers to Go

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