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Elley & Leo Intimate (Super detail) Wedding
oleh Delapan Bali Event & Wedding

Diperbarui pada 06 Februari 2019, Alila Villa and Resort, Uluwatu-Bali

We never met the couple until Day-1! We arrange everything through whatsapp, call, and skype.. Elley was so perfectionist that care about every single detail, this part is what we concern about this wedding at most. She’s carefully picked the handwriting detail, flowers, cuttleries, even the cookies garnish! but thats what makes this wedding memorable. With only 25 closest human, they celebrated it intimately.. they’re rounding with each other and cherish that day beyond anything : it was a perfect day. Even though we were in the middle of heavy rainy season, that day, the sky was so clear. We don’t even remember our worriedness about the weather! . in the end... we would like to congratulate both of them to be an amazing couple. We hope to see a happier version of both of them sooner or later..

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