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Black & Marsala Wedding of Ranggani & Ario
oleh Delapan Bali Event & Wedding

Diperbarui pada 16 Juni 2018, Amandari Villa Ubud

They're fun couple; funny groom, elegant bride, and had a unique perspective of their dream wedding. The wedding located in Amandari Villa, Ubud. Rather of classic white or pastels color of wedding theme, they were bring Black and Marsala instead as the color theme. The decoration itself also as unique as the color theme. The couple doesnt want too much flower, they were dream a forresty style decoration, which is, less flower and more green. Somehow, when you thought this wedding is very unusual and hard to achieve in common wedding, in fact, this wedding bring their own mystical ambience and nailed to put spell on everyone. Brave it was, but worth every decision they made. It was inspirational and of course, beyond everyone imagination. The couple was showered with happiness, as they seems enjoyed every moment they had. Even though the weather was so gloomy, that in the last minute, we decided to move the wedding area at indoor, But the wedding still so vibrant and perfect. Mr. Ario and Mrs. Ranggani thought us to keep yourself true in your wedding day. Therefore, the sincerity and the aura will cover every lackness in you. Wish the couple a forever and ever marriage, till death do them apart, and may God bless every step you take as a couple.

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