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Gaston & Eileen // wedding solemnisation // wedding dinner // same day edit express highlight by Teck Kuan // ring shot // 2015
oleh Chris Ling Intl Photographers

Diperbarui pada 13 November 2017, Singapore

//who made the first move?\\ Who made the first move? This was the million dollar question that was asked at the wedding reception yesterday. As soon as Gaston and Eileen marched down the aisle for the first time at the grand ballroom of Marina Mandarin Singapore, they were asked to stay on stage to answer this question. Gaston and Eileen met more than a year ago and it was that moment which change their lives. It was love at first sight for the both of them and we're glad they've found each other and sealed their vows at the altar last night. Love is not bounded by the time spent together but the willingness to commit to each other for as long as you live, that was what we learnt yesterday. So back to the question, who made the first move? It was Gaston who made the first move to woo Eileen and it was Eileen who made the first contact with Gaston. So who was it? I guess that won't matter much because whoever made that first move created a spark, however, it's never the spark that keeps a flame alive. Wedding Solemnisation Venue: Marina Mandarin Singapore Wedding Reception: Marina Mandarin Singapore Cinematography by Teck Kuan and Deryck, The Next Chapter Film Assisted by Bjorn & Jeremy Edited by Teck Kuan Gowns, Suits & Photography: Z Wedding

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