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Indana Palace Jodhpur, Wedding at indana palace jodhpur +91 9509754347, +91 9660370773

Diperbarui pada 30 September 2021, Jodhpur

Cost of indana palace Jodhpur,Destination wedding at Indana Palace Jodhpur Chirag Events & Entertainment is a specialize in weddings in private and exclusive venues such as Five-Star Hotels, Heritage Forts of Rajasthan, Royal Palaces of Rajasthan, Gorgeous Beaches and Picturesque Events all over India. You can select from a wide range of venues at which you will experience luxury and value-for-money. You can trust us to find the venue that fits perfectly to your budget and preferences and will serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Indana Palace Hotel, Jodhpur is a magnifico architecture that echoes the Royal Marwar heritage with exquisite columns, and intricate jaali work, regal arches and domes and wide-open courtyards. Sit outs and large open lookout points dot the winding corridors, so that every step you take inside and out leaves you feeling like you are exploring your own private palace. Designed to be more than just a temporary abode, it offers an immersive Royal Rajasthani experience that gives you the best 5-star treatment & luxury personified to the Maharajas. Indana Palace is a storybook fusion of worlds. With architecture and interiors modelled on the palaces of the erstwhile desert kingdom, and services and facilities that include every expected modern comfort, Indana is an ideal combination of old world charm and new world luxury.

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