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Box Decor & Styling Service

Diperbarui pada 22 April 2021, Jakarta

Cethereal's Unique Decor & Styling Service What is decorating & styling of items? Our extended service in upgrading the overall look of your pre-curated gift items. (Yes, most items are prepared by you, sent to us) What’s included in the service? - Complimentary design that suits your desired theme / preference - Labelling of each individual item (max. of 5 items) - Ribbons and/or dried flowers and/or other ornaments that match with your desired theme - Placing of items Why should you need your items decorated & styled by us? Because they elevate not only the physical look of each individual item, but also the value of your gift itself! Plus, for future brides and grooms out there, you can match your bridesmaids and groomsmen boxes’ design with your wedding invitation too (e.g colour, theme, font).

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