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Juan & Karin Romantic Date
oleh Calia Photography

Diperbarui pada 31 Oktober 2016

It's always a pleasure to shoot someone you know long before the session. I knew Juan&Karin long ago when we were on the same college. So i was very surprised when i got contacted by Karin that she about to married with Juan. In short, we have our photosession in Bali. Everything went really natural and the weather was really great too. On that day i learned a lot from them about relationship. And on one moment of that time i ask them, "why you guys decided to get married?" On that time Karin was answering me that "we've been through a lot, bad times great times, everything. And the best part of it is we're still together. And when Juan ask me to marry him, i just couldn't resist it." Without any further i just want to say congratulation for both of you and I hope everything went well as what you've been planned.

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