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Jeffry & Candy Travel Diary
oleh Calia Photography

Diperbarui pada 20 Juni 2017

Before i started off this blog, firstly i want to congratulate both jeffry and candy for their wedding, It really was a beautiful wedding in Bali (Definitely i'll post it too!) There are so many things that become memorable in my life during this trip, which made who i am today. So without furthermore let me share some of them. 1. How to see love. During my journey as a photographer i met a lot of couples out there. Some of them were deeply in love, some of them were really romantic, some of them just fit and click like a mouse and a keyboard. But this trip has made me seen what most people don't. Relationship is not all about fun and romantic, but what really make a beautiful relation is understanding each other and really put each other as a priority. 2. It's more than just an engagement session. I really remember what jeffry told me on the airplane when we're about going back to Jakarta. He said that "If you remember we've been through a lot back then, and the moment was really priceless for us. It really a story that can be told years to come. It timeless bro :) ." From that moment until know, everytime i pickup my camera before every photoshoot this words were really stuck in my head and now i know exactly what experience and result should perceived by every couple. 3. Dare to dream. The last thing that i learn from them it's about dream. How to plan everything together and dream big! Before i met them i was a realist, i don't have dream i only have plan. But now i know, there's nothing wrong about dreaming, you should have one. Because when people stop dreaming there's no more excitement left in this world. And who knows what those dreams lead you to. So thankyou Jeffry & Candy for this trip, i hope we'll be friend for a very longtime. And i can't wait to hear the new excitement in your life. More on

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