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oleh Bloomz Flower Bali

Diperbarui pada 22 Februari 2020, Bali

TAMARA & LUCKY VENUE: VILLA KAULSA What made designing this wedding so much fun was the love of local materials and handicrafts we all shared. Tamara & Lucky being from the Philippines wanted to acknowledge their heritage. Their enthusiasm for regional botanicals & décor made from bamboo, rattan, coconuts & palm leaves drove the creative concept. We designed Tamara’s wedding walkway with traditional cock baskets and used our favorite tortoise bamboo chairs. I chose jasmine, lotus flower, orchids, tuberose, palm leaves & berries for their primary floral décor. Tamara’s Mother worked in fashion and styled her gown & accessories, choosing Oscar De La Renta for both ceremony & evening wear. We loved seeing the both of them in the back roads of Bali dressed in finery and beauty.

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