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Michael & Medy Wedding
oleh Bloomz Flower Bali

Diperbarui pada 21 April 2020, Bali

oleh: Nagisa Bali

Michael & Medy celebrated their love with a simple yet intimate wedding at Impiana Cemagi, Bali. This wedding took the date of 14 March, when the corona virus issue appear and some guests decided to cancel their trip. However, we are surprised by seeing how many of them could attend and be safe during the whole trip and process - which makes this wedding even more memorable and success. All vendors involved took precautions seriously by washing their hands, keeping their distance and drink plenty of fluid that day. The day before, the rain came on hard but we got beautiful sunset and clear sky during the wedding day. This wedding is truly a blessing and become a reminder to all of us to always celebrate love, everytime, anywhere.

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