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oleh Bloomz Flower Bali

Diperbarui pada 22 Februari 2020, Bali

NARM & JOSH A FUSION OF CULTURES, STYLES & BOTANICALS WEDDING CEREMONY & DINNER IN A COLONIAL VILLA Venue: The Ungasan Cliffside Resort Narm is from Thailand & Josh is British. Guests were coming from many destinations and their request was to have a contemporary/organic looking wedding, while upholding traditions of Narm’s heritage. We chose the burnt orange & coral colors of Thai monk’s robes to be added to a muted, neutral palette. Narm wore the formal “Chut Thai” wedding attire for the ceremony, while Josh wore a blue linen suit. The mix of dried & fresh botanicals, palm leaves with greenery, and flowers created a sculptural look that was striking. Shades of burnt orange hand dyed candles and colorful tropical flowers were woven into the décor. Lots of rattan everywhere made the reception an intimate outdoor living room for the guests and added drama to the Colonial setting of the villa.

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