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Pernahkah Anda perhatikan bahwa beludru mulai sering digunakan belakangan ini? Dari tren runway hingga tampilan karpet merah, dan tentunya di industri pernikahan? Rupanya, kian banyak pengantin wanita yang mengadopsi kain bernuansa mewah ini dalam pernikahan mereka. Satu diantaranya adalah selebrasi Nicole Warne 'Gary Pepper Girl' bersama Luke Shadbolt di mana sang suami mengenakan jas hijau berbahan velvet untuk hari pernikahan mereka di New Zealand. Jika Anda akan menikah dalam waktu dekat, maukah Anda mengadopsi kain beludru sebagai sentuhan ekstra? Kami telah mengumpulkan beberapa pilihan favorit yang dapat segera Anda gunakan dalam detail pernikahan Anda. Tanpa menunda lagi, slide foto-foto berikut!

  • Photography: Eva Tarnok Photography - Bark and Berry

    Wedding invitation

    Make a clear hint about your velvet-themed wedding right from the start! Get creative with ways to apply the fabric on your invitation suite. If you’d like a full frontal approach, choose only one side to be covered with velvet to not overdo the look.

  • Photography: Eva Tarnok Photography - Bark and Berry

    Guest book and vow book

    You might as well want to have a personalized velvety cover on your guest book and vow book.

  • Photography: Eva Tarnok Photography - Bark and Berry

    More wedding vow ideas

    Take your wedding vow to the next level by writing it on a velvet cloth as a meaningful keepsake. You can, of course, have your favorite calligrapher to help you rewrite your wedding vows for a more beautiful outcome.

  • Photography: Beaux Arts Photographie - Ella Florence Photography

    Bridesmaids’ companion

    As velvet trend has taken all over the fashion industry, it is definitely a good idea to have your beloved ladies wear this piece as well. If your celebration takes place indoors, then it’s perfect. But if it’s not, don’t be discouraged because you can still use velvet as a bridesmaid bouquet ribbon or a choker!

  • Photography: Via Once Wed - Bows + Arrows

    The groomsmen’s style

    Wrapping a tiny velvet strap on the groomsmen boutonniere is both beautiful and unique. Pair it with a velvet bowtie and give a polished look for the squad. Plus, the color options are so beyond that it’s able to match any wedding style.

  • Photography: Appaman - Melissa Beattie Photography

    For the little ones

    Trendy and elegant, how else would you want to dress your flower girl and ring bearer? But first, consult with their parents to make sure they’re comfortable with the velvety material.

  • For the groom

    The velvet wedding suit trend somehow became official as soon as Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl's wedding album featured husband Luke Shadbolt clad in a green velvet tuxedo for their once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

  • Photography: Eva Tarnok Photography - Bark and Berry

    The lovely bride

    Here comes the look that will fit a non-traditional bride. Break away from the traditional wedding dress style with this teal velvet mermaid wedding dress. If this look is a bit too much, you can still rock the trend by wearing a velvet bridal robe for the prep time!

  • Photography: Eva Tarnok Photography - Bark and Berry

    9. Subtle fashion statement

    Consider wearing velvet shoes if you can’t use a velvet dress or bridal robe for the big day. With plenty of styles and colors in the market, rest-assured you’d find a comfortable pair that reflects your personality the best.

  • Photography: Kate Ignatowski - Lisa Vorce

    Wedding arch

    Whatever theme you’re aiming for, you can always incorporate this fabric into your wedding arch decoration. See how ceremony spaces pictured above both look so elegant despite the distinctive wedding styles?

  • Photography: Eva Tarnok Photography - Bark and Berry

    Sweetheart table

    Make sure to apply velvet fabric without going overboard. If you’re using it as a tablecloth, then simply forgo adorning the chair or using a similar fabric for the runner, and vice versa.

  • Photography: Tec Petaja - Lauren Gabrielle Photography

    Reception table arrangement

    It goes the same with the guest’s dinner table. We suggest refraining on using so many velvet accents on the decorative aspect. This way, you’ll flatter the trend in an elegant approach. A simple runner or a little knot on the place cards is enough.

  • Photography: Studio EMP - Brooke Michelle Photography

    Chair coordination

    Instead of adorning your guest’s chair with additional decoration, just rent colorful velvet furniture that’s already stylish without the extra effort. This would be a perfect choice for those who love simplicity in their wedding decoration.

  • Photography: Eva Tarnok Photography - Bark and Berry

    The wedding lounge

    Is a comfy wedding lounge on your list? Do be so kind to your guests and use these cute colorful velvet chairs for an elevated sense of comfort, fun, and style.

  • Photography: Eva Tarnok Photography - Bark and Berry

    Wedding cake

    Even until this present day, a cake remains one of the most important aspects in any celebration. Take a look at the two-tier cake with navy velvet ribbon on the left. Not only will it signal the main theme of your celebration, a simple ornament like this will certainly wow your guests. But, serving a naked-style red velvet cake is a punny way to treat them, too!

Di antara setiap elemen di atas, yang mana yang paling Anda sukai? Beritahu kami pada kolom komentar di bawah ini dan ceritakan bagaimana Anda akan mengaplikasikannya pada pernikahan Anda. Jangan lupa tambahkan foto-foto di atas ke inspiration board Anda!


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