Momen Istimewa yang Wajib Diabadikan oleh Fotografer Pernikahan Anda

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Anda dan pasangan Anda boleh saja menjadi pusat perhatian pada hari pernikahan Anda, tapi semua pihak yang terlibat tidak kalah pentingnya. Orang tua Anda, para pengiring kedua mempelai, dan juga flower girls dan pembawa cincin menambahkan rasa kehangatan dan kegembiraan pada keseluruhan acara pernikahan.

Pada hari yang spesial ini, sangatlah penting untuk memastikan bahwa momen Anda bersama mereka tertangkap dengan baik. Pastikan album foto pernikahan tidak hanya terisi dengan foto Anda bersama pasangan Anda, tapi juga dengan orang – orang yang Anda cintai yang datang untuk merayakan hari bahagia Anda.

Dibawah, kami menyusun daftar foto bridal party yang bisa Anda beri pada fotografer Anda. Dengan itu, mereka tidak akan melewatkan satu momen pun pada hari penting Anda.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Bridesmaid robes

    It’s not unusual to see bridesmaids wearing uniform dresses. These days, however, brides are going the extra mile by handing out bridesmaid robes that make the whole squad look harmonious even before the wedding starts. This would make a great bridesmaid gift too!

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Bridesmaid gifts

    If you’re planning to give your bridesmaids a matching set of necklaces or bracelets to pair with their dresses, take note of this idea. Ask them to wear the gift on the wedding day and don’t forget to take a photo of them. We especially love this shot of bridesmaids wearing friendship bracelets.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Matching shirts

    For a masculine take on bridesmaid robes, take some cues from real bride, Jessica who gave her bridesmaids matching white shirts to wear during the wedding preparation. You can choose either shirt dresses or oversized shirts.

    See more photos of Jessica’s wedding here.

    Photography: Summer Story Photography.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Getting ready with the bridesmaids

    The bridesmaids will be there to help you look your best on the big day. Moments such as them helping to zip up your dream wedding dress or put on your shoes deserve a place in your wedding album, so do to take pictures! Remember to also add a shot of you and your bridesmaids all dressed up.

  • Photography: Brancoprata


    Minta fotografer Anda untuk mengambil foto saat pengiring pengantin pria sedang membantunya bersiap – siap. Anda juga bisa menambah beberapa gambar akan dia mengikat dasi atau mengikat tali sepatu.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    The groom and his groomsmen

    The groomsmen made an effort to dress up to the fullest, so give them their due with a fun group shot as pictured above. Although this photo is posed, it does show the groom and his groomsmen in their most handsome and dapper.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    The bride and her parents

    After or before taking formal family portraits, take a shot of the moment when you put on your wedding veil. Traditionally, it’s the duty of the mother-of-the bride, but sometimes both parents do it together. Either way, it’s a moment you can’t miss.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    The groom and his parents

    The groom’s special moments with his parents are no less important and memorable. Both his mother can father can help him put on a suit, or simply give some advice before he goes to pick up the bride.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Walking with the bridesmaids

    Before walking down, take a few photos your bridesmaids with their matching dresses and flower bouquets. A particularly pose is having your bridesmaids standing next to each other in a row, with you in the middle.

  • Photography: Love & Light Photographs - Judy Pak Photography

    Posing with the bridesmaids

    Another great idea is to have a posed, editorial-style photo shoot with your bridesmaids. Ask your decorator to make a pretty backdrop as seen on the left photo, or use a simple prop like a wicker chair paired with thematic accessories such as bohemian flower crowns.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Detail shots

    Take a few detail shots of only the bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets to add an artistic touch to your wedding album. We’re sure you’ve coordinated the colors and types of flower carefully, so don’t forget to highlight them.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    From the back

    Another angle you can try is to take photos from the back. This would work especially well if your bridesmaids are wearing backless dresses or gowns with interesting back details such as straps and bows.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Fun photos

    Here’s a fun alternative to the usual sophisticated poses. Don’t you just love the idea? Imagine the fun you’ll be having during the photo shoot and looking back at them years later! You can get creative with this one and explore your different ideas of a fun-filled bridesmaid photo.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Individual shots

    You can also take individual shots of your bridesmaids, especially if they will be wearing different dresses and accessories on the big day. We’re sure that your bridesmaids would love having a portrait to call their own.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    All the groomsmen

    The groom should also not forget to take photos with his groomsmen and all the other male members of the bridal party. We especially love the idea of having the younger boys dress up in lighter suits with matching boutonnieres.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Detail shots

    Don’t keep the small details that pull the groomsmen together a secret. In the photo above, you can see that the groomsmen had on different style of dress shoes yet had matching socks. Alternatively, you can take photos of their matching bow ties.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    More detail shots

    If the groomsmen will be wearing different accessories that express their unique personality, make sure to take a picture of them. We like how the cufflinks above have different patterns but still have the same shape and feel.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    The bridal entourage

    Step out from some of the frames and let the bridesmaid and groomsmen have their spotlight. Either elegant or playful, surely we all agree that these photos should not be missed on your special day.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    The children

    Aside from the bridesmaids and groomsmen, let’s not forget the adorable children who will be in your bridal party as well! Take a photo of the flower girls, ring bearer, and page boys before they walk down the aisle.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    The bride and her flower girls

    Here’s another bridal photo idea we love; take a few shots with your flower girls. Better yet, have them wear matching clothes and accessories. We love the harmonious sky blue dresses on the left as well as the matching bouquet and flower basket on the right.

  • Photography: Ether & Smith - Mariel Hannah

    Page boys and ring bearers

    After the flower girls, come the page boys and ring bearers. We can’t get enough of seeing adorable boys give cute messages for the groom before the bride comes in. Or, you can have two boys carrying the wedding bands on carved wooden boards, as seen on the right photo.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    More ring bearer ideas

    This fun idea will definitely make all your guests entertained. Instead of walking, have your ring bearer “drive” down the aisle in a toy car! Add a sign with a funny message in front of the car to leave a smile on the groom’s and everyone else’s faces.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    The furry friend

    For animal-lovers, a pet dog or cat is a lifetime companion that deserves a place in their special celebration. Consider adding your furry friend to the bridal party line-up, especially if your pet has a significant role in the relationship—perhaps you met your spouse through a dog lovers community?

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    During the ceremony

    Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be standing in rows beside you during the wedding ceremony. Don’t forget to ask your photographer to take some candid shots of them as well.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Post-ceremony shots

    After saying your I-dos, strike some more poses with your beloved bridal entourage. Take a photos as newlyweds with the bridesmaids,

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    More post-ceremony shots

    And the groomsmen as well!

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    More post-ceremony shots

    Before the reception takes place, find a good spot at your venue for taking more photos. Take some notes from this bride, who used the staircases at her beach-side venue as a gorgeous backdrop for her bridal party shot.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    More post-ceremony shots

    Don’t you just love this photo? Play around with different concepts and poses to make your group photo even more memorable.

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Unique props

    Find simple props like umbrellas or chair and use them to liven up your photos. As you can see from the photo above, little details can do wonders!

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    The speech

    The best man or maid-of-honor speech can be one of the most touching and entertaining moments of a wedding reception. Don’t forget to take a photo of the one doing the speech,

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    The reaction

    And of course, the priceless reaction on the couple’s face!

  • Photography: Brancoprata

    Group hug

    When everything is done, sometimes a hug is all you need.

Which one of the photos above is your favorite? Tell us in the comment box below and don't forget to add it to your inspiration board!


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