Kumpulan Momen Penuh Haru Dari Album Pernikahan Tahun 2018

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Adapun sebuah ungkapan yang mengatakan bahwa selembar foto dapat menceritakan sejuta kata. Ketika kami melihat sebuah album pernikahan, seringkali kami tersentuh pada momentum candid berisi gerakan tulus yang tidak mungkin sama jikalau terulang kembali. Simak artikel ini untuk menyaksikan bagaimana sebuah koneksi sederhana akan dua jiwa yang saling mencintai dapat meneduhkan hati.

  • First Look

    In Chinese tradition, gatecrashing session will always be filled with laughter. But, once the groom enters his bride’s room, the pair will meet for the first time and it’d be sentimental for a reason. So if you’re the bridesmaid, be sure to prepare some tissue!

  • First Look

    Though it rarely happens, it isn’t impossible to have teary eyes even before the couple sees each other.

  • First Look

    Having a first look moment on your traditional wedding? It also can be arranged in a serene location. It’d be more heartwarming if it can be captured from a photographer’s point of view.

  • First Look

    When talking about first look, such simple gesture would express the entire feeling.

  • First Look

    No one could ever repeat this emotional moment. Getting to see your other half for the first time on their wedding attire is just priceless.

  • Writing the Vow

    Writing your own vow could be a complex experience. Don’t hesitate to pour your heart out. But, be ready when some tears fall down your cheeks.

  • Siraman

    Siraman procession can be emotional because it symbolizes the showering of love from the parents and relatives to the bride and groom-to-be.

  • Prayer Recitation

    Here goes a holy procession called pengajian, also known as a prayer recitation night where the entire family gathers to ask God’s blessing and protection. In this picture, we could see how pure and peaceful the bride’s expression while reading her prayer.

  • Best Friends for Life

    “You are all the sisters I got to choose,” said the happy bride. Don’t you agree the morning preparation feel so much easier because of them?

  • Walking Down the Aisle

    Another moment shouldn’t be missed is walking down the aisle with the father! The procession itself signifies how a loving father would still give guidance to his daughter until the very last minute of her single life.

  • Walking Down the Aisle

    To this father, it’s an indescribable feeling to send his daughter away. But at the end of the aisle, his daughter’s happiness means the world.

  • Ijab and Qabul

    In this Islamic procession, guests would shed happy tears when witnessing the bride's father promises his daughter's hand to the groom.

  • Vow Exchange

    The next thing to do is exchanging your vow. Some people could just read their vows casually, but some other might not able to contain the feeling.

  • Vow Exchange

    So, just like this bride, she was deeply affected by her soon-to-be husband’s sincerity.

  • Sungkeman

    Sungkeman in a Javanese wedding also gives an outburst as it signifies the newlyweds’ gratitude towards their parents.

  • Sungkeman

    If you’re about to hold a wedding soon, remember that you can thank your parents in many ways possible.

  • Sungkeman

    During this moment, the children might as well hug their parents. In a family, sometimes feelings are hidden, but on the wedding day, they finally have the chance to freely express them.

  • Wedding Kiss

    A couple’s first kiss as a husband-and-wife is truly something that all family and friends are also looking forward to. What’s more romantic than a tender kiss at an intimate moment like this?

  • Wedding Kiss

    Once again, seal it with a kiss! Before departing the ceremonial location, this couple had their newlywed’s kiss captured perfectly altogether with their loved ones.

  • Speech

    Here’s to a moving part during the reception dinner when some members of the family share their feelings through speeches. In this picture, the bride’s sister felt so much happiness, yet it was hard to part with her sister who used to sleep in the same room with her.

  • Daddy-Daughter Dance

    Last but not least, the last dance with the parents! Things can get heartbreaking as the last dance is considered as a farewell, but it can turn out exciting too!

Beri tahu kami jika ada salah satu foto di atas yang juga menggerakkan emosi Anda. Kami ingin tahu mana yang paling membuat Anda tersentuh!


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