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How to pick the right veil for your gown

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Now that you've chosen the perfect gown for your wedding day, you may be looking for a veil that matches. The origins of the veiling of the bride vary all over the globe. In this day, the tradition has become more of the icing on the cake that ties the bride's hair and gown together.

Generally, veils come in a plethora of different fabrics, lengths and each design suits different circumstances. The rule of thumb is that the veil you pick should always complement your bridal gown and hairstyle. When deciding which style is best for you, here are a few more considerations:

1. Colour

The colour of your veil should match your dress. If you are unable to find an identical shade, a complementary colour works too.

2. Fabric

Luscious silk to smooth satin, you've got a wide range of materials to pick your fancy. Similarly, the fabric of your veil should match that of your dress. For example, if you've picked a simple dress, you can pick dressier fabrics like lace. When in doubt, tulle is always a classic!

3. Features

Not only should your veil suit your dress, it should complement your face shape as well.Knowing your face shape and what works well with it can be extremely useful (not to mention, flattering). For example, a longer veil like the blusher veil, has the softness to balance out a square jawline. A round face, on the other hand, will work well with a veil that falls along the side of her face, such as a shoulder veil. Don't forget to consider the features of your dress too. If your gown has intricate back details, you definitely don't want a veil that's "too much" and hiding this instead. A perfect pairing for a dress like this would be a sheer veil with one or two layers.

4. Balance

Last but not least, balance is pivotal when pulling your look together. This rule applies to embellishments as well. If your lace gown is heavily embellished with rhinestones, chances are a voluminous tulle veil with pearls may clash. Try a simple sheer veil instead.

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