Five Types of #RelationshipGoals

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Social media has introduced us to a lot of #relationshipgoals lately. From couples celebrity to ordinary couples sharing their relationships online. However, it seems that the #relationshipgoals that young people are looking up to nowadays tend to be more and more misleading. Couples who have only been together for a very short amount of time often post declarations of their love on social media along with a very cute almost cheesy picture with their partner. This is the sort of #relationshipgoals that gets a lot of attention which, in fact taints the reality of what a relationship looks like. In this article, we want to remind young couples out there of what goals they should actually be striving towards when it comes to romantic relationships. Below are 5 important goals all couples should strive towards:

1. Couples who have been together for a good amount of time. Sure, we cannot judge every relationship by the length however; couples that have overcome the test of time are definitely still worth looking up to. Only time can tell how much you both truly love one another and if after 40 years you are still in love with the man you married, then that is something to be proud of.

2. Couples who have been through tough times together. It is not a challenge and incredibly easy to stay together when times are going great but the true test of love is how you both handle the hardships. If you can get through the bad, the sickness and the worst of times and remain loyal and loving to your partner then kudos to you.

3. Couples who have stayed committed and loyal to one another. One of the best signs of how much you love your partner is your commitment and loyalty to him and the relationship. It is not about never feeling tempted to stray but it is about continuously choosing your partner over anyone else regardless of the circumstances. Commitment comes when you are being tested yet still choose to remain loyal.

4. Couples who argue but always come to a solution. It is not a relationship goal to never argue with your partner because disagreements are inevitable. It is not about how often or how little you argue but about what you both do afterwards. If solutions and compromise are the results of your arguments then you are doing the best thing you can do for your relationship.

5. Couples who focus on being happy rather than looking happy. It does not matter how cute, romantic or sweet you both may look on paper, in pictures or at certain events. What matters is the feeling you both have about each other and about what you both have. Looking happy won't last for very long if you are not truly happy inside. Focus on each other's happiness before anything else and you will have yourself a relationship worth any attention.

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