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Ask An Expert: Merras


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Despite all the modern bridal trends, traditional kebaya still holds a special place in the heart of Indonesian brides. A perfectly tailored kebaya exudes timeless elegance, with the classic silhouette, and subtle sensuality, thanks to the curve-hugging cut. And that's what makes finding the right kebaya designer as challenging as finding your one true love. Merras has been one of the prominent names in Jakarta's bridal world and known for their soft, feminine and dreamy pieces. With countless clients from celebrities to it-girls, Merras sure knows what's best for their brides. We are giving 10 brides-to-be a chance to ask a question regarding bridal kebayas to be answered by Merras and you can read the answers below.

Q: How long before the wedding day should a bride order their kebaya? Terra Meta Chandra, Bintaro.

A: Depends on the difficulties of the design and tailoring, we recommend brides-to-be to start getting their measurement done and place the order 5 to 6 months before their wedding day. But you should also be aware of long holidays in between that might cut the process, so please calculate the timing wisely.

Q: Should the groom get his suit done by the same atelier as the bride?Christine Sudjokowati, Kemang.
A: We advise you to do so, in order to achieve the harmonious overall look on the photos.

Q: How many times should I come to do a fitting session?Anita Syarief, Cilandak.
A: Probably 2 to 3 times or until we are sure that everything fits perfectly and comfortably.

Q: What if the bride loses or gains their weight a moment before the wedding day? Pauline Utomo, Alam Sutera.
A: We can always adjust the fitting as long as the differences are not overly significant.

Q: What are the common mistakes brides make when choosing a wedding kebaya?Valerie Siregar, Daan Mogot.
A: Some brides pick a fabric without consulting the designer first. Sometimes it works, sometimes the materials they chose are not suitable for the style and cut of the design. We would recommend you to sit and discuss the materials with the designer or you can also take him or her along to the store and pick the perfect fabric together.

Q: What are the key points in choosing the right style and fabric of wedding kebaya? Destiara Pertiwi, Bogor.
A: You should know what works with your body type and of course, the theme and concept of your wedding events. After deciding the style that best suits your figure and determining the concept of your wedding – whether if you are going to have a formal evening party or intimate casual events in daytime – we can step forward to pick the perfect fabrics.

Q: How important is an undergarment to wear with a wedding kebaya? Talitha Wibowo, Kramat Jati.
A: Although it might be overlooked sometime, the right undergarment is actually the most important element in any bridal look. It can do such magical things to support and enhance the body shape before wearing the dress or kebaya and making the overall look to be flawlessly pretty.

Q: What should a plus-size or curvy brides choose for their wedding kebaya? Gloria Tedjakusumo, Kuningan.
A: Brides with curves should avoid a too-covered kebaya, especially on the bodice area. Elongate your neck with a V or sweetheart neckline cut and pay attention to the beadings and sequins, as it might give a much heavier look.

Q: How does one store a kebaya afterwards, to make sure it will always be in good condition?Dea Limara, Cibubur.
A: Keep it in a box on top of a layer of tissue paper. Do not hang it, especially ones with heavy beadings and thin fabrics, and wash it only with the service from your trusted dry cleaners.

Q: What should a bride-to-be prepare on the first meeting at your workshop? Khalila Azhar, Kelapa Gading.
A: We will help you through the process of designing the style also picking the right color and fabrics, so you would not need to bring anything except a vision of the wedding dress or kebaya of your dreams.

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