A Purple and Pink Flower Wedding

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Frederik and Maria celebrate the day of their union very grandly. With two well thought affairs in Bali and Jakarta they absolutely made clear on how important this day is to them. They thought well of every detail. Yet our favorite element is the bride's shoes.

For the Bali affair Maria picked the blue Dolce and Gabbana pair to be her companion. It was a very unique pair with heels resembling flower growing in vines; matches perfectly with her dress and the blue ocean beneath. As for the Jakarta Wedding, she opted for fuchsia Manolos with gemstones as additional straps. Another well thought choice; this pair goes perfectly well with her decoration that night. A woman with good shoes is always pretty indeed.

Here is a little something from the photographer:

Introduced by a friend, Fred met Maria in Jakarta. But love didn't bloom, not until they met again in Seattle back in 2010. But, their love story is not as simple as it sounds. In 2011-2012 Maria decided to study fashion in Milan and Paris. In the midst of challenges and distance that separated them, this couple had proven the world that their love is indeed pure and strong.

Their love story went to the next chapter in 2013 as both of them went back to Jakarta. They were very sure about each other and both parents gave their blessings, Maria and Fred decided to get married.
When I asked where they would like to have their pre-wedding photo shoot they undoubetedly picked Brazil. At first I was a little bit surprised. I've never been there, it is a new place for me and it is also far away from Jakarta. But it sounded fun with all of its charm and exoticism.

They are super-duper fun especially Fred; with tons of his funny stories and jokes. We had lots of memorable moments especially when we were strolling around to find iconic spots in Rio. It is a new experience for me and I thank God that I have met this couple. Fred is so bubbly and energetic while Maria is soft and gentle. I think they both complete each other. And oh did I mention that all dresses and make up were done by Maria? Yes she did, she is an amazing and talented woman.

They held the wedding reception twice in Bali and Jakarta. The concepts are similar and had one thing in common, Flowers. Maria loves flower so much. What do you feel when you are in the place full decorated with flowers? Happiness it is. That's what I felt


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