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9 Things to do 24-hours Before Your Wedding Day

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You've been going through the list, and everything is well prepared. But before you fully immerse yourself in a rush of adrenaline, happiness, excitement, and thrill of your wedding day, here are 9 things you can do in the final 24 hours.

1. Lay out everything you need

Hang your getting-ready robes and wedding dress somewhere visible— and also your wedding shoes. Prepare the accessories at the right place— and if you're doing your own makeup, your makeup kit too. This way, you won't leave out anything important.

2. Consult your wedding planner (or someone in-charge)

To make sure everything goes smoothly according to plan and timeline, do a last consultation with your wedding planner. Recheck the vendors, details, and schedules.

3. … And leave them be.

After calling your wedding planner, rechecking everything, and bombarding them with questions, leave them be. They know what they're doing, so you can relax and enjoy the party.

4. Practice your wedding vow

"I promise to laugh at your jokes, no matter how corny they are. And I promise to kiss you goodnight, no matter how mad I am with you." Practice it. Memorize it. Feel it. And tomorrow onwards, mean it.

5. Try on your new shoes

No matter how pretty they look, new shoes usually hurt, so get used to them the day before. Wear the shoes around the house so the interior can shape to your feet and stretch a bit.

6. Practice the wedding dance

You might not be allowed to meet your groom-to-be 24 hours before the wedding day, but you can practice the wedding dance in front of the mirror. You can also ask your sibling or best friend to practice with you so you'll get familiar with the choreography and won't slip on the first beat.

7. Pour out a glass of wine for yourself, but only one glass

Take your best wine, and pour out one glass of wine for yourself. Celebrate the night before you start your new exciting journey— but with one glass of wine. You might want to cherish this moment, but really, nobody wants to see a hangover bride walking down the aisle.

8. Pay attention to what you eat

Avoid that spicy bowl of curry or the seafood platter. The last thing you need is an upset stomach, gassy bowel or a foodallergy reaction.

9. Sleep well

With all the excitement, it might be hard for some brides to sleep. But still, the best advice for the day before your wedding day is to get enough sleep. Sip a cup of chamomile tea, let yourself rest, so that your skin may glow and your mind can be refreshed on the big day.

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