5 Reasons Why Over-Sharing on Social Media is Bad for Your Relationship

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When you are happy with your partner and your relationship it is no surprise that you would want to share it to the world. However, right now with social media being the biggest platform some couples take sharing just a tad bit too far. It is one thing to be proud of your relationship and want to show your friends how much you happy you are but it's another to constantly share every, single, detail of your relationship to the point of zero privacy. While couples that cannot stop posting mushy photos and bragging about how wonderful their relationship is may appear to have the perfect love life sometimes, the best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it at all on social media.

Below are 5 reasons why you should be careful about posting details about your relationship on social media:

1. You end up living for everyone else. You end up posting pictures, videos or even messages of love on social media not for your partner's happiness and enjoyment but for other people just so they can see how great your relationship is. Be careful not to end up only appearing like you've got it all when in real life your relationship is falling apart. Focus on what's real and ignore the rest.

2. You give out false expectations. No one ever posts things about their relationship when they are having issues or arguing. When you constantly post about the good and only the good, you are giving others false hopes about how a relationship should look like. Not only will you give others the wrong idea but you will also tire yourself of having to appear happy all the time even off of social media. Be realistic and stop faking it.

3. Nothing becomes private anymore. When you are so used to posting everything about your relationship, nothing becomes sacred anymore. Some things are actually better off kept to yourself. Be careful to not give everything away, it is okay and in fact healthy for your relationship to keep some things only between you and your partner. The more private you keep your relationship the more special it becomes.

4. You end up neglecting things, which are vital for the relationship. Living your love life for other people's validation will make you lose sight of the actual relationship you are in. Things such as one-on-one connection, quality time that no one else gets to see, moments where only you two know about becomes neglected over time. Taking pictures will no longer be about capturing a genuine moment with your partner but about posing and looking happy just so others can see it. Don't neglect the real deal for some momentary validation that ultimately does not actually exist.

5. You risk a pretty messy break up. When or if your relationship comes to an end you will find yourself having to explain to others why, when and how you broke up. It is hard enough to get through a break up when no one knows about it but it is even more difficult when you have thousands of people watching you and wanting to know all the juicy details. You will risk the likelihood of people making false assumptions about the break up, which might make you and your ex-partner's relationship even worse. Keep things to yourself more and you can avoid all this unnecessary drama.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with sharing how happy you are in your relationship but just try to keep some things private. It is you and your partner after all that deserves to know the ins and outs of the relationship – no one else.

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