5 Keys to an Unforgettable Honeymoon by Traveloka

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After finishing the whole wedding day processionals, newlyweds will usually take a break and unwind by going on their honeymoon. It has been believed that honeymoon can strengthen the couple's love and even intensifies the bond in the relationship. Are you one of those who believe in honeymoon magic?

Every couple must have their own dream honeymoon destination. Whether you choose to spend time in an exotic tropical island or going on an adventurous journey to the mountains, consider the following tips to create a sweet and unforgettable moment with your partner..

1. Don't rush it

Although it's deemed as important, honeymoon doesn't always have to be done right after the wedding. Plenty of couples choose to leave for their honeymoon immediately after the reception, yet we advise against this. Departing for honeymoon without taking a short break after the wedding can be a setback. You and your partner may feel too tired from all the festivities and as a result, it's unlikely you would enjoy it.

Instead, departing at least a week after the wedding is the perfect time. In this time span, you can rest and prepare your honeymoon needs better. If you leave town with a fresh mind and fit body, rest assured, both of you will enjoy the trip without having to sulk or succumb to bad mood during the honeymoon.

2. Determine the honeymoon budget early

In addition to your wedding celebration, a budget allocation for your honeymoon should not be underestimated as well. Define the budget with your partner beforehand, so you can prevent any unnecessary overspending. If you initially thought to splurge on your honeymoon, keep in mind that you will need money to spend for other purposes in the future.

One thing you can do to save up on your honeymoon is to search for cost-effective packages that include airplane tickets and hotels. Luckily, there are many travel agents who provide this kind of package, one of which is Traveloka. The flight and hotel package is one of Traveloka's new products, which offers the best price for your entire trip, whether it's for domestic or international destinations.

3. Consider a hotel with breakfast facilities

In order to save some bucks, sometimes one has the tendency to choose a hotel without breakfast facilities. Other than the lower staying rate, choosing a hotel without the breakfast facilities means there's a chance for you to explore and taste local food outside the hotel. This is completely fine, but chances are, you may lose the opportunity of getting a surprise from the hotel.

Hotels often give surprises to couples staying for their honeymoon or celebrating their wedding anniversary. This surprise can be a special service for your breakfast or a live entertainment during your meal. Imagine a music performance dedicated especially for you and your loved one. This will certainly make the dining experience all the more unforgettable.

4. Choose the right destination

Choosing a destination for your honeymoon should be taken seriously. Whether inside or outside the country, the selected destination should be able to provide a supportive atmosphere and mood for couples to bond after the wedding.

Bali remains at the top of the list as it offers two different yet equally stunning landscapes, beaches and mountains. Nusa Dua is known for its charming panoramic beaches, while Ubud's serene high lands are totally remarkable.

Furthermore, many couples have chosen Japan and South Korea for their honeymoon trips. Japan provides intrigue as it is known as a country that still maintains its traditions and culture in the midst of technology advancement that shakes the world. Meanwhile, South Korea is equally interesting for its landmarks that are popularized through drama series and movies.

5. Go gadget-free

Forget your gadgets for a moment; this isn't the time to be occupied with your phone or tablet. You both didn't come all the way to sit in the same room and be busy with your gadgets. Instead, this is the perfect time to know each other better. You can of course still use your gadgets if you need to find guides to the local scene, recommended restaurants or tourist attractions. However, make sure you give more attention to your partner.

In addition to the above tips, there is another important thing that shouldn't be missed. Don't forget to buy a souvenir that reminds you of this romantic trip. From ordering carved wooden names to paintings of both faces that can be displayed at the wall of your bedroom, the options are limitless. With this kind of souvenir, your honeymoon will be more memorable and you'll have something to treasure that moment forever.


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