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BEBOP All-Female Musicians
oleh BEBOP Entertainment

Diperbarui pada 25 Oktober 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia

We're so honored to entertained CFOs from several BUMN (Indonesian State Owned Enterprises) in Sinergi Bagi Ekonomi Negeri CFO BUMN held by Pertamina. The forum was attending by BUMN Minister Mrs. Rini Soemarno and discussing the issues about BUMN financial management. They'd not just talking about serious thing, they also enjoyed the moment with live music from BEBOP Entertainment. As we can see in one of the pictures, the CEO of Pertamina Mr. Dwi Soetjipto was singing and the music was performed by our signature ALL-FEMALE MUSICIANS. The beauty of kebaya (national dress of Indonesia) is undeniable. It has magnificent patterns in every way. Always proud to wear kebaya when the events are associated with Indonesia ethnic and cultural. We are excited to introducing our signature ALL-FEMALE MUSICIANS in kebaya and kain batik. They are expert with their own instruments (also we do have more female musician to fulfill all your music needs!), and we'd love to wear traditional dress and performing our re-arranged traditional music in any kind of occasions.

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