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American German love story
oleh Beautiful Occasions - Exclusive Wedding and Eventplanning

Diperbarui pada 30 Oktober 2017, Berlin

Julie who was born and grew up in Germany decided to move to Chicago some years ago to start her career across the Atlantic. She felt in love with Chicago and also with their citizens. So it wasn't surprisingly that she have met Blake that fast and that everything turned out so curious even faster. As Julies heart beats still for her hometown Berlin it wasn't a big surprise that they decided to fly all the way to celebrate their love in good old Germany in the beautiful month September. It was such a luck working with such a cute couple. We had so much fun and they have trusted our ideas 100%. We've planned the whole wedding day, as well the get together dinner one night before. A big highlight for all the guest have been the ride in a old traditional bus through Berlin and a stop at the brandenburg gate. Very romantic!!

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