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Jia Jin & Fennie - Wedding Cinematic Video
oleh Aplind Yew Production - Wedding Cinematography & Photography

Diperbarui pada 14 April 2020

Jia Jin and Fennie wedding celebration lasted for 60 days. Their celebration was filled with all the things that made weddings so beautiful, with burst of vibrant, unique boutique, pretty dresses, and also the dancing. But what made it even more beautiful is the way these two people look at each other. Like in the sea of people, Jia Jin couldn’t keep his eye off of his bride. And that, that look, would always be our favourite part. Jia Jin and Fennie, you two sweet people are made for each other. Congratulations on the beginning of your married life. We wish you the happiest marriage, a fairy tale on like Disney stories. In this clip, we’ve frozen that look in time for Jia Jin and Fennie to revisit any time they wish on the course of their journey to forever. Along with that look, we also included the powerful sermon dedicated to them on the day, to remind them to make the decision to “love the one you marry” every single day. Lee Jia-Jin and Nooby Fennie, this is for you two. Congratulations again and may your journey be forever sweet. Cheers

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