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Adrian & Sherenn - Wedding Cinematic Video
oleh Aplind Yew Production - Wedding Cinematography & Photography

Diperbarui pada 14 April 2020, Kuala Lumpur

Another 10years couple got married, it was amazing! They promised in front of family and friends that they will bring up their family to the best of their abilities. They promised to support each other no matter what and until death do they part. He told her that she is his world and she told him that he is the one. We love spend the time with Adrian and Sherenn, they are really genuine and their love for each other shone through every click. We just worked with their chemistry and guess what? We got what we needed and wanted in almost every frame. It make our job so much more enjoyable! Thank you guys, I wish you both a smooth sailing journey in your marriage voyage! For the rest of you guys, enjoy this series and happy holidays! Congratulations again, Adrian and Sherenn

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