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    Antijitters Photo Ulasan

    2 Ulasan, disortir berdasarkan :
    Ulasan Terbaru
    Luminous Bridal Boutique
    29 Mei 2016 | Vendor rekanan di Pernikahan

    Beautiful pictures

    So happy to see pictures of Jane on her wedding day are so lovely. The gown she wear looked gorgeous on the pictures. Luminous Bridal feels very happy for all pictures. Great work

    Balasan Vendor

    29 Mei 2016
    Thank you so much, Luminous Bridal (:
    Sikastiara Wismoyo
    16 Desember 2015 | Pengantin perempuan di Pernikahan Kendis & Sikas

    Capture Every Beautiful Moments

    Antijitters was very professional through out the preparation days until our wedding day, they also helped us to prepare everything for the photoshoot. The team was easy to manage, respect the entire event, and always happy all the time although they hold 2/3 cameras on their shoulders. About 2 weeks after our wedding day, they sent the photo proofs, and wow! We are so shocked and amazed by the photos because they capture every single scenes of our wedding, we felt touched and it brought us back to the wedding day almost literally :) Thank you Antijitters for capturing our wedding day, we wish you will grow bigger and stronger!

    Balasan Vendor

    16 Desember 2015
    Dear Sikas, we're almost lost for words reading your sweet review. We are deeply grateful of your wishes. On behalf of the team, we'd like to say thank you for having the time to review without us having to ask. It means a lot for our growth. And we hope our relationship will always be nurtured. You and Kendis are one of the best couple and one of the most fun family to be around with. May joy and laughter stay with you and loved ones forever :)


    Do you work overseas?
    Yes, we'd love to work with you in your dream wedding destination
    Mencangkup apa saja layanan Anda?
    Sesi foto pre-wedding, Liputan hari pernikahan, Foto keluarga, Foto studio, sesi foto/video dengan tema, Foto kecantikan
    Bisakah Anda mengambil foto dan video di luar jam kerja?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Bagaimana sistem pembayaran yang tersedia untuk bisnis Anda?
    Transfer melalui bank
    Have you ever been published?
    Yes, to name a few publication that has featured us: Her World Brides Indonesia, Le Mariage Indonesia, Marie Claire Indonesia, Jplus, The Jakarta Post, Speak, Femina Magazine, Wedding Guide Asia, The Bride Dept
    Apakah Anda bisa menyediakan layanan di kota atau negara lain?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Berapa lama klien akan mendapatkan hasil akhirnya?
    8 - 10 weeks after the shooting days, depending on how fast client select and approve the wedding album drafting process.
    How can I get your Pricelist?
    We share our pricelist after client fill in form:
    Apa gaya fotografi Anda? (maksimal 3)
    Candid, Artistik, Tujuan
    Apakah Anda akan menyediakan file digital dan/atau negatif (atau salinan negatif) foto kepada klien?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Bagaimana kebijakan Anda mengenai istirahat? Jika Anda perlu istirahat makan, apakah klien yang harus menyediakan makanan?
    Meals are provided by clients during weddings, through WO or direct handover as we cannot leave the venue and must assure ourselves to be in the moment.
    How many personnel will be working on my Wedding Day?
    For Photography: Two! Me and my 2nd shooter! I don’t bring along the whole Antijitters team to your day. I work with my trusted second shooter and we have been a wonderful pair since the first wedding. We have been asked a lot of questions regarding this. Such as, “Is it not too risky to only bring one photographer with you? Why not two?” The answer is simply NO. We shot thousands of photos and got hundred of ‘em sorted for you with only the two of us. Regardless how big your wedding area will be, photographers will not just stand in one spot, we mobile and pay attention on every details. And we feel it’s the most effective policy we currently hold based on our past experience. Unless you need extra hand to be in charge for your wedding, we are happy to assign our bests for you within additional surcharge.
    Apakah klien harus membuat janji dahulu sebelum bertemu?
    Tidak (mohon jelaskan bila ada)
    Seberapa cepat Anda bisa memperlihatkan hasil untuk diulas setelah acara selesai?
    3 Weeks after shooting date through dropbox email.
    Kapan bisnis Anda didirikan?
    It's established in 2010
    Apa gaya fotografi yang biasanya Anda tawarkan?
    Jurnalisme, Potret, Candid, Artistik, Tujuan
    Apakah Anda punya pengganti jika Anda berhalangan hadir pada hari-H?
    Tidak (mohon jelaskan bila ada)
    Apa yang membuat layanan Anda unik?
    Looking at how selective we are in portraying a lavish wedding, we tend to be more careful on how to direct our couple. We avoid cheesy looking photos and embrace natural, intimate, emotional sceneries.
    Harap sebutkan, jika ada, prestasi dan penghargaan bisnis Anda sebelumnya.
    In March 2016, as Vendor of the Week at The Bridestory Blog, As Top 5 Wedding Photographers in Indonesia according to Honeycombers Jakarta.
    How can I book your service?
    As simple as sneezing! Firstly, you can contact us and arrange a meeting. We can hold the meeting in the comfiest tea shop in town or wherever you want to. By signing on a booking contract I hand you in the meeting and invest 50% non-refundable retainer fee, it means that I have saved the date for you and will work exclusively in your lovely day.
    Apa spesialisasi Anda?
    Sesi foto pre-wedding, Liputan hari pernikahan, Foto keluarga, Foto studio, sesi foto/video dengan tema, Foto kecantikan
    Bagaimana Anda mengarahkan pasangan saat sesi pemotretan?
    First thing to remember, we interact with the couple thus make them more relax. Semi directing, soft poses, natural engagement, intimate look are applied on the session.
    Bagaimanakah syarat pembayaran Anda?
    50% retainer fee to lock the date, with signed contract. And 50% balance payment 1 month prior the wedding day.
    Apa saja yang termasuk dalam paket photoshoot Anda?
    Album, Berkas digital, Foto Hi-Res, Desain album sesuai pesanan
    Apakah Anda punya teknologi, alat, atau teknik khusus?
    Ya (mohon beri rincian, jika ada)
    Berapa lama sebelum hari H klien Anda harus menghubungi Anda?
    a year before as we fill up fast.
    Berapa tarif yang biasanya Anda kenakan?
    Day Base Service Charge

    Hi! Welcome to Antijitters Photo. We are young and passionate Wedding Photography & Film team For inquiry on our services, there is no other way than to visit and fill the form :