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Wedding day Si & Kat - Premier Village Da Nang Resort
oleh Anh Phan Photographer | vietnam weddng photographer

Diperbarui pada 28 Juli 2018, Da Nang

Wedding day Si & Kat is one of Da nang beach wedding day taken by da nang photographer. Holding a wedding on the beach full of sun and wind, in the romantic scene, is the dream of many couples in the big day of life. The attraction of the beach wedding is not restrained in the formal ceremony framework, the wedding held outdoor in the sea space, sun yellow, smooth white sand stretched at the foot of a cool resort , close to nature … will give couples a romantic wedding. This is not only a beautiful celebration for the bride and groom, but guests also enjoy the new and exciting moment at the wedding. Si and Kat has a warm and romantic outdoor wedding with their family and friends. It gives me a lot of emotions to help them save the moment of the wedding day in Da Nang The entire wedding and party took place over five hours but each passing moment was a priceless gift of love that Si and Kat were one of the lucky couple to enjoy! I also realize that a perfect wedding does not have to be so luxurious, but sincere feelings will be the decisive factor to bring joy to all the participants but with so many emotions, too happy and grateful. Together look back to their happy wedding.

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