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The White Nikah - Celebrating Arif & Aili
oleh Andrew Yep Photographie

Diperbarui pada 27 Agustus 2017, Kuala Lumpur

A cross-culture of a truly Malaysian wedding. Arif & Aili's knew they were meant for each other from the beginning. They first met in primary 1 in school but they did not start dating until they were in High school. When they were 12 years old, Arif wrote a love letter to Aili that completely swept Aili off her feet. But it was a love that was too young for them as they parted way after 4 years of courtship. Both went their own separate way. It was not after 10 years that they met up again, and they decided to have start afresh with each other. After dating for another 4 years, Arif finally proposed to Aili, and the rest is history. "We knew we were meant for each other from the beginning. But we were too young. Arif wrote me a love letter when we were 12 years old, that completely swept me off my feet. We knew we compliment each other in more ways than one. I'm impatient, he is the most patient person i've met, i'm rigid, he is free spirited, and the list goes on. Our respect for each other as an individual has definitely made us who we are now as a couple." ~Aili. Chief Photographer: Andrew Yep // Assisted by Steve Wai // Make-up & hairdo by Lee Kuen (Bridal Glam) //Cinematography by Nigel Sia // White Gown by My Bridal Gowl // Shoes by // Venue: Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

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