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Emilie & Andrea
oleh Alessio Nobili Photographer

Diperbarui pada 05 Maret 2020

What I have the pleasure to tell you today is the story of Emilie and Andrea, he Italian, raised in Piombino (LI), she born in France and lives with Andrea in beautiful Switzerland for work needs. A few months ago I received a call from a Swiss number, I answer unaware of who was calling me, especially for what reason and I am happy to learn that Andrea is looking for a photographer in the province of Livorno to tell about his wedding. We meet in Donoratico (LI) on the first return to Italy, which took place a few weeks after the phone call, we agree on the photo shoot and the album they intend to print and we are officially ready to meet again a few months after the appointment. My day starts at 8:00 am at the groom's parents' house in Piombino (LI). There he dresses the groom, with whom I have the opportunity to take very special shots in their beautiful home, the parents and the brother with his girlfriend. The scenery in front of the day is magical, a bright sun with a breathtaking view of the sea; we immediately understand why the spouses chose the beautiful Tuscany as the location for their wedding. At 10:00 I go to the groom's house in Suvereto (LI), a place surrounded by nature with a view of the Tyrrhenian coast where the bride is hosted for the night and to dress with her closest relatives. The thing that immediately strikes me about this wedding is the beauty that shines through the contrast of two completely different peoples, close but distant in the uses and customs of these events. The ceremony starts at 11:00 and everything proceeds wonderfully. Subsequently, together with the spouses, we head towards the center of the city of Suvereto where we perform solitary shots, while the guests head towards the reception place. As we turn in the center of Suvereto, we are literally attacked by some groups of motorcyclists who want to take souvenir photos with the newlyweds, a very curious but certainly beautiful way to remember. The reception was very elegant, thanks to the splendid location and the catering that offered the newlyweds and guests dishes prepared but still tied to the Tuscan tradition, especially to welcome French friends who certainly appreciated the good wine of our lands. After the classic photos with the cutting of the cake I printed for the guests the souvenir photos taken with the newlyweds, an increasingly requested and appreciated service to give a touch of originality to the wedding and to remember that beautiful moment on a paper photo. The day ended with the dances of the spouses and guests and after having finished printing duplicates of the photos for those who remained without it, I took leave with the couple and we said goodbye with the promise to meet again in the current week to decide the details of the photo album that will be printed. It was a unique, beautiful, simple and above all very relaxed wedding. What makes Emilie and Andrea unique and without a doubt the shyness that each of them ha

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