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The Process
oleh A Box Full of Matches

Diperbarui pada 09 Agustus 2015, Melbourne

Watch this Video to see the Process of creating your Wedding Stationery 1. Contact me, and make an appointment for your free consultation. 2. Usually from 5:30-6pm during the week. 3. Pick a time you're free for your photo shoot (if applicable). 4. A week after your photo shoot I will email your photos to choose your favourite ones. 5 . I will start designing and we go from there. 6. Once we have the perfect match I will get a sample printed and then we are ready to press print. 7. Your box full of stationery arrives at your door 8. Your guests are blown away and your phone wont stop ringing, emails flooding in and text messages 24/7 What If I live outside of Victoria or overseas We can work over email, and I am also very happy to do a skype meeting, and even send you a sample so you know what they look like, feel the quality of the paper and experience how your guests will feel.

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