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    GoFotoVideo Review(s)

    130 Review(s), sorted by :
    Latest Review
    Amanda Ardina
    16 January 2022 | Bride at Amanda and Edo Wedding

    Extremely Profesional

    Edo and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Gofotovideo as our wedding photographer and wedding organizer. Gofotovideo and their team were extremely professional and provided quality customer service. They went above and beyond the call of duty. It's because of Gofotovideo that we even had a wedding at all! 6-weeks from the wedding we had no decorations, linen, flowers, favors, etc, etc. for the ceremony and reception. With one phone call, Mr Agung as Gofotovideo owner came in and saved the day! Within weeks, his staff put together a portfolio of lovely flowers, décor, drapes, etc., and we knew we were in good hands. We received wonderful feedback from family and friends on how lovely, professional, and creative the decorations were...especially the flowers and bouquets, lighting and the crystal tree arrangements around the room! Most importantly, Gofotovideo made us feel apart of their family, and made sure we were taken care of. We have already recommended Gofotovideo to our friends! Ups, I just forgot, their photos and video (they made it in 4K resolution, wow!!! pictures are clear and sharp even played in 50 inch television) are amazing and lovely, all of our family love these. Warm regards, Amanda & Edo
    Farina Wijaya
    15 January 2022 | Bride at Farina & Edwin Wedding

    Good Jobs Gofotovideo !!!

    Halo Gofotovideo dan segenap team yang terlibat, Aku mau ngucapin terima kasih yang sebesar2nya atas bantuan kalian selama acara pernikahan kami mulai dari prewedding, lamaran sampai resepsi Kalian benar2 sabar, profesional, mendengarkan dan sangat cepat dalam memutuskan terutama untuk Wedding Organizer nya, oh iya aku ambil paket dokumentasi plus WO sama Gofotovideo Finally acara berlangsung lancar tanpa kendala apapun. kami dan keluarga puas dengan service yang diberikan Gofotovideo Untuk hasil foto, kami suka pake banget, bagus sekali dan banyak hehehe ditunggu ya video versi full nya mas Agung :) SDE nya bagus dan ngerjainnya gila cepet banget cuma 1 jam ga sampe udah selesai ckckckck Terima kasih terutama untuk mas Agung sebagai owner yang dengan pengalamannya bertahun2 di bidang wedding, terima kasih banget atas masukan dan konsultasi nya, juga untuk kak Kaori sebagai WO leader yang luar biasa mengkoordinasi tidak hanya kami sebagai pengantin, tapi juga vendor lain yang terlibat selama acara resepsi Salam sejahtera untuk kalian semua, kami doakan semakin sukses ya Rina dan Edwin
    Elma Andrea
    07 January 2022 | Bride at Elma and Steven Wedding

    Amazing, professional and recommended Photography and Wedding Organizer

    Amazing, professional and highly recommended Photography and Wedding Organizer I and my husband hired Gofotovideo as my Photograper / Videographer and Wedding Organizer in a Package, our impression is very very good for their jobs First, as our photographer and videographer: Not only is Gofotovideo and her team incredibly talented and highly professional on your day but Gofotovideo is so responsive and easy to communicate with. Leading up to the day we were given lots of opportunities to share and discuss what we wanted with Gofotovideo and they were really clear with times & schedules which made our preparation simple. Gofotovideo made the whole experience so easy to enjoy. We had no worries on our day and were able to trust Gofotovideo with what we wanted captured. Not only did they do that but they went above and beyond our expectations. After receiving our sneak peak shots and video just a week for photos and 2 months for video, or so after the wedding we were absolutely stunned at how amazing every single photo was. Speechless. We're still looking back at our photo's and are incredibly impressed with how every shot captures just how happy we were. Our family and friends have commented and have been blown away too. We are so thankful to have had Gofotovideo there on our day, many of our guest were unable to attend due to COVID, but now we have these amazing pictures to share with them for many years to come. Second, as our Wedding Organizer: We wanted to plan an interracial, intercultural, inter-religious wedding ceremony and reception that would please everyone on both sides. Even to us it sounded like a recipe for disaster or worse, a huge let down. In the end, everyone on both sides of the family loved it, grew from it, and walked away in awe at what we had managed to pull off. When it came time to speak with Agung as the owner and Kaori as PIC, we were exhausted from working through compromises with our families, and it was so nice to work with them because they were our little calm island in the storm around us. Planning the 50/50 split wedding of our dreams was not easy! Gofotovideo made it easy. It's hard for me to admit something is perfection, but our wedding really was for us. I didn't worry about anything and everything went exactly how we had envisioned it. I was able to be so present during my events that I didn't even see him and his team working the event, everything ran like clockwork. The room design was beautiful, their team was great, and I just felt like I could fully let go and enjoy my day, for everything was smoothly handled by Gofotovideo team. Thank a ton for your hardwork for us, especially for Agung and Kaori Elma Andrea & Richard Stevenson
    Dessy Winarno
    05 January 2022 | Bride at Dessy & Dito Wedding

    Best Decision Ever

    This may sound too good, but I mean it when I say booking Gofotovideo as Wedding Organizer and Wedding Photographer for my wedding day at the Royal Tulip, Gunung Geulis was the best decision about the day that I made. I guess picking the guy I married was a good decision too hahaha, but having Gofotovideo there to document and organize my wedding is the most important day of my life remains paramount. My best friend booked Gofotovideo too after drooling over my gorgeous photos and videos, she knew they needed to book Gofotovideo. Gofotovideo documentary-style photography translates into a compilation of the most important moments of your wedding day. You can actually see and remember the emotion of the exact moments. It's more than a photo. As an anxious person at baseline, having such a calming and truly beautiful human as Gofotovideo present on my big day made a world of a difference. Their Wedding Organizer is also exceptional, they organized everything we need, they knew what they do, their performance is beyond my expectation. I am not someone who love to be photographed, and before my big day I can't remember the last time someone took my picture. Gofotovideo team was kind, patient, and their direction was so easy to follow. They made ME feel like a professional. Anyways, anyone (so hopefully everyone) who wants the most gorgeous, perfect, stunning wedding photos and smooth organized wedding, book Gofotovideo. It will be the best decision you'll ever make. Warm Regards, Dessy Winarno and Dito Sebastian
    05 January 2022 | Groom at Rahadian dan Dewi Wedding

    Luar Biasa

    Hai mas Agung dan kakak Kaori, maaf baru bisa kasih review sekarang ya Saya menikah di bulan Oktober 2021 ketika pandemi di sebuah hotel yang indah di dekat Puncak Bogor Awalnya saya dan pasangan memilih Gofotovideo karena suka dengan hasil2 photo dan videonya, suka ama tone warnanya yang natural, terlihat beda ama yang lain, so kita janjian meeting di suatu cafe di Setiabudi, dari hasil meeting kami berdua jadi tambah sreg dengan Gofotovideo, karena si mas nya orang nya asik diajak diskusi, ga terasa 3 jam berlalu. Akhirnya dua hari kemudian kami memutuskan mengambil paket all in one yang sudah include dengan Wedding Organizer nya Oke sekarang pendapat saya mengenai wedding organizer Gofotovideo dulu: kami menggunakan wo untuk hari H, benar2 sangat membantu, rundown dan semuanya dikerjakan dengan sangat teliti, dan pas hari-H kinerja nya luar biasa, walau hanya berlima mereka semua bekerja, dan pembagian tugas sangat jelas, bahkan misalnya makeup waktu itu lupa bawa lem bulu mata, salah satu personel wo dengan sigap segera ke indomaret membeli lem bulu mata, trus kami juga lupa membawa gembok, ternyata mereka sudah diapkan di mobil, dan banyak lagi hal2 baik, jadi mereka tidak hanya melayani kami sebagai pengantin tapi juga sangat membantu vendor lain yang bekerja pada hari itu, luar biasa kalo menurut kami. Untuk photo dan video: kalo ini sudah oke banget , paling suka sama photo2 yang semuanya sudah cling bagus (saya dapet sekitar 3500 photo wedding, 2000 photo prewedding dan 2500 photo lamaran) wow semuanya sudah senada, ga ada tuh yang kegelapan atau keterangan, karena semuanya udah diedit via Adobe Lightroom kata mas nya, mereka ga pernah kasih ke klien fresh from kamera, luar biasa, benar2 rajin untuk video kami juga suka, semua moment dapet, warnanya kami suka, dari awal sampe akhir ga ada yang jegleg Menurut saya Gofotovideo ini jago banget coloring nya So... kalian luar biasa, kami dan keluarga sangat puas Salam hangat mas Agung dan Kak Kaori Rahadian & Dewi
    Janet Rifani
    26 December 2021 | Bride at Janet & Aldo Wedding

    Recommended Vendor Nih

    Hai hai hai Gofotovideo, Akhirnya sempet juga aku kasih review ya Kesan aku selama diliput wedding nya sama gofotovideo, sangat berkesan, banyak bantuan yang aku dapatkan selama acara wedding, apalagi di masa pandemi begini tentu wedding tidak seperti biasa nya, terima kasih banyak untuk mas Agung ownernya dan tentu saja tim lainnya, kalian benar2 sangat membantu dalam mengarahkan acara, secara aku ga pake WO karena pandemi gini kan tamunya dikit juga atau aku nya yang pelit kali ya wkwkwk Kesimpulannya: suka banget dihandle ama gofotovideo, selain bantuan teknis diatas tentu saja hasil2 photo dan video nya aku dan misua sukaaaa banget, bagus2, temen2 dan keluarga juga pada suka Sukses terus untuk gofotovideo dan semnoga tetap mempertahankan atau malah meningkatkan kualitas nya yang sudah sangat baik Salam hangat dari kami berdua, eh dari keluarga juga titip salam hihii Janet + Aldo + Our Family

    Vendor Reply

    27 December 2021
    Halo, erima kasih banyak Janet dan Aldo atas ulasannya.. senang bisa membantu meliput acara wedding kalian berdua. Salam juga ya untuk keluarga, dan sehat selalu untuk kalian berdua sekeluarga. God Bless You! Salam hangat, Gofotovideo dan Tim.


    What do your packages include?
    Prewedding & Wedding
    Do you work overseas?
    Yes we do.
    Do you have a replacement photographer in case you become unavailable on the day of the event?
    Yes, we always have replacement photographer with top quality
    Do you charge based on package, hourly or full day?
    Based on package
    Are you available to shoot after hours? If yes, how much do you charge for extra hours?
    It'd cost Rp 500.000/30 mins.
    How soon after the event are the proof ready for viewing?
    3 days-1 week
    When will the client get the final album?
    After a few weeks.
    Do you provide all the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?
    Yes, we provide the digital file in high resolution
    What is included in your photoshoot package?
    What photography styles do you usually offer?
    What photography styles do you specialize in? (max.3)
    What is your speciality?
    Prewedding shoot
    Does a client need to schedule an appointment?
    Do you provide your services in other cities or countries?
    Will you provide all the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?
    Are you available to shoot after hours?
    How do you usually direct the couple during a photoshoot?
    Direct personally, make sure the couple show their love for each other
    What rate do you usually charge at?
    We charge per event based on the package
    How soon after the event will the proof be ready for review?
    Less than a week
    How long does it take for the client to receive the final product?
    Usually the client will get the final album in a month.
    How far in advance should your client contact you?
    At least 3 months before the wedding, but we're flexible anyway, you can contact us anytime
    What makes your services unique?
    We treat our clients like friends and families. We make sure they feel at ease and show real love
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Bank transfer
    When was your business established?
    Our business was established back in 2010.
    What is your payment terms?
    50 % booking fee and 50% after the event
    Do you have replacement on the D-Day in the off chance you become unavailable?
    What do your services cover?
    Prewedding shoot
    Komplek BPK IV, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat 11530

    Are you looking for a passionate team of photographers and videographers to capture your once-in-a-lifetime moment? GoFotoVideo is the answer! We are pre-wedding, wedding and commercial product photographer/ videographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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