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    French Toast Productions Review(s)

    27 Review(s), sorted by :
    Latest Review
    08 March 2019 | Bride at Yanqi & Jin Long Wedding

    Great photos and video

    We signed a photo & video package with French Toast in Dec 2017 and they have managed to deliver great photos plus same day edit video. We liked the golden hour shoot photos which we eventually developed into a photo album and the actual day photography photos also met our expectations. Overall the package was very worth it. Throughout, they were also very responsive and friendly and tried their best to accommodate our requests.
    15 February 2019 | Bride at Domenica & Wei Hao Wedding

    Repeated mistakes, bad attitude and failure to deliver footages

    A good majority of the table photos which were taken during our wedding banquet were not delivered. Here, we would like to share our negative experiences about French Toast Production, and warn other couples to be wary if you are considering their services. To start, we must acknowledge that there are successfully delivered photographs that were decent, but even these could not make up for the team’s repeated mistakes and poor attitude towards us. We engaged photographer and videographer Shawn and Jonathan. We first engaged their services in late 2017 for actual day photography and videography, and an overseas photoshoot in Hokkaido, which came as a promotional package that was offered to us along with a golden hour local photo and video shoot. After discussion about terms of agreement - where both parties were agreeable on price and deliverables - we signed the contract in late 2017. We went for our golden hour shoots in the first half of 2018 at Coney Island, and during the shoot everything went smoothly, and we decided to engage the team for our ROM photo and video shoots too (this was to happen in October 2018). Strike #1 Then, leading up to the Hokkaido trip (which happened in July 2018), when Shawn was due to purchase air flight tickets (which he had contractually agreed to purchase on his own accord as the price we had committed included his and our make-up artist's flights and accommodation), he suddenly told us that he had misquoted us; he basically panicked after checking flight prices. This came to light to us, that he had not done sufficient market research before quoting and committing the prices to his clients. On top of that, he accused us of not informing him of the location we were flying to, which we had mentioned several times — during meet-ups, over tele-conversations, on WhatsApp and even a detailed plan was done and sent to him via e-mail about our suggested shoot locations. After a string of accusatory WhatsApp messages from him — where he had communicated rudely, and insinuated that we were to blame for his mistake — he wanted to withdraw from the contract. Shortly after, he then acknowledged that it was his fault and that he would like to proceed as planned. Wei Hao and I, in view of the situation and in wanting to maintain a working relationship as we had already engaged French Toast Productions services, offered out of goodwill, to cover their (Shawn and make-up artist) hotel accommodation costs for this trip, which they accepted. The trip went smoothly as planned. Strike #2 Then, when it was time for delivery of the overseas shoot pictures in hard copy (which in contractual agreement was 50 pieces to be delivered in a wooden memento box), he suddenly told us that he would reduce the number to 30, without informing us beforehand. Again, he assumed he had mentioned to us about the change, which he did not. Only after further questioning, did he decide to abide by the contractual agreement of 50 pieces. Strike #3 Then, in early October 2018, a long WhatsApp message was sent to us by Jonathan (videographer at French Toast Production), informing us that video footages of our local shoot at Coney Island had all disappeared. We were so disappointed. Jonathan was sincere in trying to rectify the failure and as compensation, offered a refund of the overseas hotel accommodation cost, and agreed to shoot our ROM video in replacement of the lost footages. We let the matter rest after we came to a mutual agreement; it was also too late to look for a replacement photographer and videographer as our wedding banquet was just two months away. The team promised that similar mistakes will not happen again, in view that our wedding banquet was nearing. They assured us that they "will spare no cost" to ensure that they deliver without failure. Unfortunately, this was NOT the case. And that led to, Strike #4 On 19 Jan 2019, 6 weeks after our wedding banquet (the contractually agreed date of photo and video delivery), we received our photos and videos via a Google drive link sent to our emails. Along with it was a message informing us that some of our photos were corrupted and cannot be delivered. We found out after going through the set of photographs that we were missing a significant bulk of the table shots we had taken with all our guests (more than 80% of the table photo shots were missing!). What followed was even more ridiculous, with Shawn denying that this mistake was a failure on his part, repeatedly mentioning that it was a virus that had attacked the files. We were appalled by Shawn's bad service recovery and rude replies. We even tried many ways to ask if he would seek professional help to assist with retrieving the lost photographs, but he had seemed to stop trying. Despite our repeated asking for further possible solutions, we were flatly told that nothing could be done to recover the images and that the software he had used didn't work. This just left us with more frustration and exasperation, especially since Shawn's service attitude has been very unsatisfactory, with many of his replies very curt and insincere. As a result, a good part of photographs with all our guests, are missing and irrecoverable (according to Shawn from French Toast Production). Even when we suggested to engage an external company in attempt to recover the photographs, he was unwilling to try and said that our suggestion was unreliable and continued to harp on the point that nothing could be done, claiming that he had already exhausted all options — how is it exhausting all options if he doesn't wish to try another alternative? Neither did he offer any other recovery company options after shooting our suggestion down, and rather easily conclude time after time that nothing else could be done. French Toast Production’s failure to deliver on this once-in-a-lifetime event has left us at a loss as photo memories of our wedding day, which were supposed to be captured, have not been delivered in entirety, and this event can never be recreated. The least we would expect is a fair compensation after all these mistakes French Toast Production had made. But instead, we got an offer for a baby photo shoot, which: 1) is a gross assumption of what married life is. 2) means we have to wait for however long we decide to have a baby, before we can get a compensation? Also, why would we continue to trust another milestone photo/video shoot with this company again after they have failed us so many times? It just wouldn't make sense, would it? What made it worse was Shawn's continuous defensive replies; they were often curt, and many times he insinuated that we were being difficult. We tried hard to stay calm and rational throughout our conversation, but if your wedding photographer only notified you of this failure on the date of delivery (and wouldn't even admit it was a failure on his part), would you be? I believe there are other clients of French Toast Productions who have suffered the same plight, as Shawn did mention that there were footages of other clients, which were lost too. I hope that with us sharing this experience, no one else would have to go through the trauma of losing pre-wedding and wedding footages like we did.
    10 January 2019 | Bride at Joey & Jowene Wedding

    Recommended PG/VG

    We chanced upon French Toast on Bridestory and decided to engage Shawn and Jon after the first meeting because not only they are very honest with their experiences and views, they are also enthusiastic individuals with great passion in their works. We were totally at ease during AD - all we did were follow the team's directions and oh boy, my guests love the video and photos! Thanks for all the hard work guys, and continue to bring in more great works!
    08 January 2019 | Bride at Clarence & Yunli Wedding

    Golden hour shoot + AD PG VG

    We decided to engaged Shawn, Jon and team as our PG & VG for our wedding, after going through their portfolio and reviews from Bridestory. They might still be a pretty young team but they’re passionate about their craft and love to experiment on the new ideas that they have. The videos for our couple shoot and morning day highlights were professionally shot and we’re very pleased with it! For our casual shoot, Shawn & Jon told us to just be ourselves, which made the whole shoot more comfortable and easy for us. Everything went on smoothly for our AD too. They would take the initiative to direct us on what we should do at times, in order to get the desired shots. They made us very comfortable in front of the camera. Would like to thank Shawn, Jon, Bryan & team once again for their hard work! Can’t wait to receive our AD photos! ☺️
    27 December 2018 | Bride at Justin and Annabel Wedding


    We were very lucky to win a photoshoot with French Toast Productions at the Carnival. As it was our first photoshoot and we are naturally camera shy persons, it took us a while to warm up but Shawn was very patient and made us feel at ease. He was very professional and the photos turned out really well! We were really happy to have him help us take such beauty pre wedding shots! We were very impressed by his dedication & skills that we decided to hire him for our ROM and no doubt, it was one of the best decisions we made for the wedding. He managed to capture the emotions we had on our ROM day and the Catholic Church which we got married at. The photos from the carnival and ROM were used for our banquet and we received many praises! We are indeed very lucky to have found Shawn and we will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a dedicated and skilful team! Thank you for your help! ☺️
    23 December 2018 | Bride at Mandi & Chris Wedding

    Fantastic experience!

    Absolutely loved working w Shawn! He made us feel comfortable with each other and with him, everything felt very natural and we were actually having fun! Loved the pics, thank you so much ❤️


    What is included in your photoshoot package?
    Hi-Res image, Albums,  Digital files
    What photography styles do you usually offer?
    Candid,  Artistic,  Natural,  Vintage,  Black and White,  Conceptual, Contemporary,  Journalism,  Portraiture,  Destinations,  Cultural
    What photography styles do you specialize in? (max.3)
    Conceptual, Contemporary,  Portraiture
    What do your services cover?
    Prewedding shoot,  Wedding day coverage,  Family shoot,  Studio shoot,  Themed shoot
    What is your speciality?
    Prewedding shoot,  Wedding day coverage,  Family shoot,  Studio shoot,  Themed shoot
    Does a client need to schedule an appointment?
    Yes Any appointment for meet up for discussion would be advisable
    Do you provide your services in other cities or countries?
    Yes Currently we are promoting destination shoot to South Korea which include Make-up Artist to accompany us on the trip.
    Do you employ any special technologies, equipments, or techniques?
    Do you have replacement on the D-Day in the off chance you become unavailable?
    Will you provide all the digital files and/or negatives (or copies of the negatives) to the client?
    Yes Excluding the Raw files will be given.
    Are you available to shoot after hours?
    Yes There would extra charges for extra hours.
    How do you usually direct the couple during a photoshoot?
    I would direct them according to themes, their common activity and personality compile into a story board that would help the clients alot to get into the mood and scenario so they would't feel uncomfortable during the shoot. Planning to us before the shoot is very important as it will be efficient to the process of the shoot. We want the photos to tell the story of our clients.
    What rate do you usually charge at?
    We charge according to 10 hours for client's actual day ranges from $1.2 to $1.5 depends what the client's needs. For pre wed shoot we goes according to hours as we will discuss with the client directly. For Destination shoot, it depends on which country the client wants to be at, we will give the packages as according to diffrent countries. On top of photography service we provide, we do provide videography too as subject to changes on the pricing.
    How soon after the event will the proof be ready for review?
    Proof be ready for review within the week depends on the client's requirement.
    How long does it take for the client to receive the final product?
    Earliest for final product we could deliver within for 4 weeks. We try not to extend the weeks unless there's changes that needed to be done.
    How far in advance should your client contact you?
    Ideally time from 6months to 12 months prior to the wedding date.
    What is your policy on taking breaks? If you require a meal break, is it a requisite for the client to provide your meal?
    Usually we will take care of our own meals on the day itself.
    What payment systems are available for your business?
    Cash, Bank transfer, Cheques
    What is your payment terms?
    50% on comfirmation of contract, 30% after the event and 20% upon the final delivery.
    When was your business established?
    Our business started back in late 2016, 2017 starts to have client asking for enquires.
    What makes your services unique?
    We are group of young image crafters there to capture moments of couples. Letting them to be comfortable in their own world and not be uncomfortable. We are fun and outgoing team willing to try diffrent ways to capture the moments of thier life time, letting them remember their big day!

    We are a collective of creators, endeavoring to document the charm in staple everyday moments and memories. We aim to channel them into unique, heart-rendering and exciting works to be cherished for the years to come.

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