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Robin & Indah Cultural Heritage Bali Wedding
by Flying Bride

Updated on 16 April 2015

Indah is an Indonesian born Chinese, whereas Robin is a US citizen with Filipino root. Since the very first meeting, I knew that their different heritage and background would make their wedding very unique, rich with traditions that if embraced together tastefully would make one great, meaningful and unforgettable wedding.<br /> With that in mind, the wedding day was designed to combine various cultures such as Peranakan style Chinese Tea Ceremony, and a reception dinner that was infused with cultural items such as batik patterns (Indonesia), and Capiz (Philippines) in the decoration. However, instead of the usual traditional wedding that is very colorful with various bold color, Indah wants her wedding to be elegant and dreamy. Hence, we gave an interesting twist to the theme by using pastel color such as beige, blush pink, coral, light blue and turquoise to result in a one-of-a-kind wedding so beautiful beyond words. To complete the evening, guests would enjoy Balinese dances and traditional Indonesian food such as rendang, which is also a favourite food of the couple.<br /> Rama & Shinta wayang was also chosen as a symbol of their wedding as Indah and Robin went on their first date to watch Wayang show. It did not stop there as Indah has been faithfully keeping Shinta’s wayang, a present from Robin, who keeps Rama’s wayang, in the hope that one day they (and the wayangs) would be together just like the story of Rama & Shinta.<br /> So their wedding day was indeed a very sentimental day for Indah & Robin since on that day they could finally be together. And their story is somehow similar to Rama & Shinta that went through ups & downs and many challenges throughout their relationships (including distances) which made people wonder if they could be together, but just like the Epic Rama & Shinta story, somehow someway true love does bring them together. <br /> It was a day that Indah claimed to be the best day of her life, so perfect her family and guests gushed about how it was the best wedding they have ever attended. Thank you so much Indah, for letting me be a part of such a beautiful, sentimental day of yours.<br /> Wedding Concept by Flying Bride <br />Video courtesy of Balimetro

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