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The Wedding Of Nishant & Vinutha
by Elior Design

Updated on 28 February 2019, Pine Hill, Bandung

Indian Wedding Ceremony consists of many different rituals. And we are so happy to be a part of this beautiful beautiful ceremony. The true essence of Indian wedding stem from the customary rituals that take place throughout the wedding day. The Varmala Ceremony, also referred to as Jaimala, is the commencement of the Hindu wedding, serving as the first time the Bride and Groom meet before starting the wedding ceremony. Mala is the Hindi word for garland, usually consisting of flowers bunched together on a string. The exchange represents the acceptance and union of their forthcoming nuptials. The coconut is one of the most common offerings you find at a Hindu temple (it is also referred to as the fruit of God), and is used to ‘break new ground’ as it is smashed into two halves. It is offered in all sacrificial fires for all homa rituals (fire rituals) and is later distributed as God’s blessed offerings, known in Hindi as prasadam/prasad. The Priest lit up a small fire in a kund, or a copper bowl. The remainder of the wedding ceremony is conducted around this fire. Mantras are recited by the Priest and repeated by the couple while obligations (crushed herbs, sandalwood, sugar, rice, and oil) are offered to the fire, symbolizing peace offerings to Lord Vishnu. Agni (fire) is the mouth of Vishnu and symbolizes the light, power, knowledge and happiness. Our couple also wanted their wedding to be modern. But we still want to imply Indian details to bring authentic atmosphere to the wedding. That’s why we used pop of colors on the table decor and for the flowers but still subtle enough as requested by the bride. When your big day is around the corner, everything feels like a big deal. It can be quite overwhelming, everything has to perfect, every little detail needs to come together in the grand scheme of things. And color palette has to be one of the first things you decide because a lot of what happens during the preparation is based on this. So for this wedding we combined white and subtle colors such as, peach, light yellow, and purplish colour as requested by the bride. As our couple invited family, close friends and relatives to attend their wedding they wanted intimate and warm vibe for their wedding. So for the table decor, we used long wooden table combined with flowers, candles, wood accents, and colourful glasses to make this wedding more vibrant. And for the ceremony we used this Mandap. In Hindi, Mandap translates to a covered structure with pillars. In essence, the Mandap serves as the altar for Indian weddings, specifically for Hindu and Jain ceremonies. Adorned with floral decorations, this structure serves as the stage for which guests and family witness the couple wed. The Mandap consists of four pillars, symbolizing the four parents who worked hard to raise their children.

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