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Edmond & Shiji // Peranakan wedding // split day // holy matrimony // church wedding // next day edit wedding highlight by Teck Kuan // 2013
by Conrad Centennial Singapore

Updated on 13 November 2017, Singapore

By: The Next Chapter Film

//an extraordinary myriad of colours\\ Have you experience a Peranakan wedding before? Well, I'm glad to say that I have, after the wedding of Shiji and Edmond. In the Singaporean culture nowadays, it's so hard to find an extraordinary wedding. Young people would choose to keep their wedding simple and intimate. But this is not so for Shiji and Edmond. Their wedding was the grandest I've ever seen. Looking back at their wedding last weekend, it was a learning experience and eye-opener to see the professionalism in Mdm Yan, the mother of the bride and principal of Dance Ensemble Singapore (, and the dancers from DES. Guests attending the first night of their wedding celebrations were in for a treat. They were greeted by a grandeur of colours at the opening performance by all the students and also a splendid face-changing, or 变脸, performance (an ancient Chinese dramatic art, part of Sichuan opera) by the teachers and students at DES. Their wedding showcased the immense potentials of each and every dancer in DES. The night also starred local artiste Jiu Jian (玖健). The first night indeed gave everyone a reason to 'wow'. Their march-ins during their wedding banquets consist of a Peranakan procession, together with their friends and relatives from the Peranakan Association Singapore, and the couple doing a duet dance in into the ballroom, this being Edmond's first attempt at dancing. During the Peranakan procession, one could see their intricate workmanship in the fashion of the Peranakan costumes, the 'baju panjang' for the ladies and the 'baju lokchuan' for the men, and also the embellishment of the Peranakan procession party. For their next march-in, Shiji and Edmond marched into the ballroom, serenading everyone with their song '深情相拥', followed by their first dance on stage. I'd like to thank Shiji and Edmond for the opportunity to capture their wedding day. It was indeed a challenge initially, but I'm glad to say all is well after the wedding. 接下来我也要感谢严老师给予我的机会,让我能更明白什么是作为舞蹈者的专业精神。 Filmed by Teck Kuan and Zhen Jie Edited by Teck Kuan Photographed by Dennis, Dennis Ong Photography

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