Wedding Shot List: Exquisite Details to Capture on the Big Day

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A special celebration to remember for a lifetime takes a lot of thought and energy to pull off. After spending so much time to craft the smallest wedding details, it can be hard to enjoy them to the fullest when you're too busy on the big day itself.

So after having your trusty wedding photographer capture memorable bride moments and romantic couple photos, why don't you get your wedding details photographed as well? Details shots are not only wonderful to look at, they will also convey the atmosphere of your special day to your wedding album.

Scroll right down to see all the wedding details that deserve a spot in your wedding album.

Wedding stationery

Photography: Katie Grant Photography

The invitation suite reflects the couple's wish for a guest to attend their wedding, making it a must to be included in your wedding album. Invitations also encapsulate the whole celebration's theme, like these passport-like invitations for a travel-themed wedding. Don't forget to bring one copy of the invitation to take photos of on your wedding day.

Welcome bags

Photography: Katie Stoops

For destination weddings, some couples make the effort to prepare welcome bags for their guests. A welcome bag usually consists of the wedding rundown, local snacks, drinks, and other travel essentials. They're very well-prepared and getting these lovely items photographed is a wonderful idea.

Wedding rings

Photography: Charla Storey - Terralogical

Now on to the pretty rings. There are plenty, and we mean plenty, of ways to take a picture of your rings. You can place them in a box or lay them flat against your wedding invitation.

Photography: Ben Yew Photography

You can also place them on a vibrant background to give the picture a lively atmosphere, while still highlighting the rings.

Photography: Le Motion

Another idea, focus on the writings engraved inside the ring. It adds a sentimental value while giving the photo an artistic quality.


Photography: Terralogical - Lacie Hansen

Boutonnieres for the groom and other male members of the bridal party needs to be photographed well. You can get them styled properly with calligraphy name tags, or simply lay them on a flat white surface for a simpler, cleaner look.


Photography: Axioo

Among all the other essentials, the groom's shoes also take a big part in determining his look. So be sure to get photos of the shoes, especially when the bottom is engraved with a cute message like this!

Photography: Nomina Photography

As for the bride, photos of her heels on the wedding day can be mixed and matched with plenty of other elements. The dress, the rings, you name it. But when you have killer heels there's absolutely nothing wrong with letting them stand proud on their own.

The bridal ensemble

Photography: Erika Gerdemark Photography - Ashlee Taylor

This one is a shot you can't miss. Have your photographer hang your dress somewhere with a pretty background and take photos of it. Don't leave out the flower girls' dresses too!

Photography: Elizabeth Messina - thecablookphotolab

Next, include photos of the head accessories worn by yourself, your bridesmaids, and your flower girls. Lay them flat or hold them in your hand, the choice is yours.

Photography: Le Motion

And as traditional hair accessories hold deep cultural meanings, we think it is a great idea to spare a single frame to capture them all beautifully.

Photography: Q Avenue - Heather Waraksa

A photo of the veil attached to the bride is a common sight in wedding albums. Let your veil have a little spotlight and hang it solo. Zoom in to capture all the delicate details.

Photography: Erika Gerdemark Photography - Anna Tereshina

A shot of the bride's flower bouquet mustn't be missed. Aside from putting it on the ground, there are other ways to spice up the wedding bouquet picture. For instance, propping it with the wedding dress or having it held by the bride are some of the options you can consider. Don't forget to also get some close-ups of the beautiful blooms.

Bridesmaid dresses

Photography: Nomina Photography

Don't let the bride's dress alone get all the attention, let the bridesmaid dresses shine as well. Take some notes from this bride, who personally designed all her bridesmaids' dresses according to their personalities.

Photography: Joshua Kane Photography

If all the dresses are nearly identical, choose a unique background to make them stand out.

Guest book table

Photography: AndroidsinBoots

Now let's move on to the decorations. Go out of the ordinary with your guest book by decorating your entrance area with whimsical details.

The ceremony area

Photography: Katie Grant Photography

Who can resist a photo of a lovely wedding ceremony decorations?

Photography: Elizabeth Messina - Honey Honey Photography

Ceremonial arches are especially irresistible. Make sure your photographer gets a proper shot of it. Also, don't forget the wedding program on the chairs, the aisle, as well as the pews.


Photography: Lauren Kinsey

In between the ceremony and reception, there is usually the cocktail hour during which some drinks and finger food are served. Why don't you put up some lounges at a few corners of the venue for guests to relax on before the reception?

Escort card display

Photography: Jose Villa Photography

Up next is the escort card display. There has been an immense amount of creativity in creating escort card displays as well as place cards lately. Either they're natural or modern in style, be sure to get a shot of them.

Reception Décor

Photography: Elizabeth Messina - Justin DeMutiis

Other than that, details of the reception decorations are very important to be captured. Aside from being beautiful, surely they will be a great source of inspiration for other brides who are planning their wedding, especially if you submit your wedding pictures to Bridestory!

Photography: Androids in Boots

Get a proper picture of your tablescape and all its beautiful decorations.

Photography: Terralogical

And then zoom in to get a closer look of each guest's table settings.

Photography: Kate Anfinson Photography - Ruth Eileen

If you happen to have some fancy tableware and cutleries, don't forget to ask your photographer to snap those too.

Photography: Peter Davis - Ashley Kelemen

And as we're talking about dinner already, do take a photo of your wedding menu. Whether your menu is personally given to each guests or placed on a board, this shot is a must-have in your album.

Photography: Almond Leaf Studios

Lastly, if you have matching bride and groom chairs in your reception, take a shot of these too.

Wedding favors

Photography: Lacie Hansen - Le Hai Linh

Before going home, surely you've prepared a special something for your guests. Whether you decide to display them altogether at once, or put each favor separately on each guest's seat, do take a shot of the favors sitting pretty.

Aerial shots

Photography: Jacky Suharto Photography & Videography

Last but not least, capture all the fun with an aerial shot of the whole reception area. Such a perfect way to capture the night's atmosphere, imagine how blissful the image will make you feel!

Slide through the slider below for more pictures of lovely wedding details and add them to your inspiration board!

After looking at all these pictures, you might have some ideas of your own about capturing the perfect detail shots. However, sometimes it might be hard to communicate these ideas easily to the photographer. Which is why, it's important for you to learn how to choose a photographer who is experienced and can quickly understand your style and taste. That way, your photographer will be able to comprehend your vision for the wedding album as well as deliver impressive photos that you're going to love forever.


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