Wedding Rings 101: The Platinum Bands

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In a glance, silver, white gold, and platinum are much alike; the first things you will notice about the difference is its weight, among those three metals, platinum is the heaviest. But there are many other beneficial differences you should consider if you are going to buy one soon. Read on and get the understanding on why this expensive metal is worth its high value.

1. Platinum is a natural white metal that has been considered as the purest and most precious metal.

2. Its strength and resistance to tarnish, corrosion, and high temperature are making platinum become the ideal frame for diamonds and other sparkling gemstones.

3. Platinum is lustrous. Its neutral white luster complements any sparkling gemstones' perfectly.

4. Platinum jewelry gives you not only a debonair look but also the undoubted durability you are looking for as an important criteria for a wedding band.

5. Platinum is hypoallergenic which means it will not cause any irritation for those having sensitive skin issue.

Despite of all the characteristics above, its rarity has been one of the main reasons that induced its high price. However, Mondial Jeweler has exclusively launched a line of Platinum Wedding Ring. Their collections are both special and glamorous with precious sparkling diamond as its center of decoration. Can't wait to have one? Visit their closest store and get the wedding ring of your dream!


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