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Wedding After-Party: Do You Need One?

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When it comes to the after-party, not everyone will agree to having one. But if you've opted to have one, let's take a look at some points on how to do it well and what things are worth considering. Read up about it below.

The first thing that pops up to mind is mostly probably the additional amount it add incur to your wedding expenses. Hosting an after party will cause you spend more deposit fee required when you reserve spots in a bar. However, this matter could be modified by firstly considering your guest' types.

When you want to have an after-party, you got to make sure you celebrate it with a crowd that you know well, this is still part of your wedding memories that you surely want to cherish. If you happen to throw an intimate wedding, then make sure to let your guests know about the after party in advance. You can negotiate whether to cover all tabs or have the guests chip in. After all, remember, it's not compulsory for you to pay for everything.Another factor to consider is your wedding guests. Ask around whether they'd want to go to the after party or not. If you have a positive majority answer, then it's a good reason to have one.

Basically, when you're planning an after party, you could have it right away in your wedding venue. The important thing is to make sure the venue is available for such a loud activity after the previous celebration. It most likely will bring some disturbance for those around you, so, don't forget to remind your wedding organizer to coordinate and check with the city rules beforehand.

In order for you to have a less hectic day, you should let your guests know in advance that there will be an after party. You could inform those you want to invite only. But for intimate weddings, it's perfectly fine to have a spontaneous after party. Whatever you decide, just make sure to keep it organized and actually booking a place will surely ease your wedding planning.

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